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New author introduction.

By On Mar 28 2007, 12:33 pm

Mercy gang, was it ever difficult deciding what to blog about this first time out. After much consideration and oodles of tossed out topics, I’m going with an introduction.

What better opportunity to get to know a little bit about me?

I started writing seriously shortly after 9/11. Up until that tragedy while I’d always enjoyed my life I’d lived more for my family than myself. I’d always made sure they all knew how our lives are precious. I’d made sure they made the most of every opportunity handed them. Life is about dancing and setting goals.

Until then, I’d bounced around in several college majors, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, science, and history. But, creative writing was what always called to me. My professors and teachers encouraged me to pursue writing. They all said I had a good “voice.” At the time, I had no clue what they were talking about, though, I did have plenty of characters whispering their tales to me.

Days after 9/11, it was my wonderful husband who spurred me to try my hand at following my dream of writing romance. Since that day, I set about learning how to write romance because no matter what you hear writing is a craft. And, you have to learn the structure of written storytelling. I completed five stories while I was getting a hang on my voice and the writing craft. They are contemporary romances very dear to me. I hope to one day have the time to clean them up.

Early on, while I was figuring things out, I cut my teeth in fan-fiction. I wrote for about five years on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s official fan-fiction groups. I not only gained some of my bestest friends, but I mastered characterization, including those big, strapping, yummy alpha males. Fan-fiction was a great learning experience for me as well as a place to get instant feedback.

June of last year, I pitched DARK SENTINEL the first of my NETHERWORLD series to Crissy Brashear in person. I received a request! I was (still am) so completely thrilled when I received a contract offer from my Samhain editor. There’s just something special about a first. I’m so thrilled to be part of Samhain!

DARK SENTINEL is a dark urban fantasy romance set in Louisiana outside of New Orleans. I’ve just recently contracted another story also to Samhain. This one is titled BOOMERANG LOVE. This is the first of the Thorn brothers’ trilogy and is a contemporary romance set in Australia. Both series fall under red hots. I’ve been given tentative early 08 release dates. I’m looking forward to sharing my worlds with you all.

Hm…I guess I just hit on my writing life, but my website has all kinds of tidbits. So, feel free to explore.

Until later~


12 Responses to “New author introduction.”

  1. Ciar Cullen says:

    That is a wonderful journey you’ve taken to getting published, very bittersweet. I’m glad you made it!

  2. Diane Craver says:

    Interesting post! Congrats on your writing success.

  3. Margo Lukas says:

    Interesting to learn how fanfic played a part in your writing.

    Hope we’ll be hearing more from you soon. Good luck with your books.

  4. Gia Dawn says:

    Life gives us ups and downs. But if you want to write, the need always stays with you. Major congratulations on your contracts. Gia

  5. Bonnie Dee says:

    Glad to meet you Melissa. I’m a firm believer in learning the writing craft via fanfiction. That’s how I did it too. About four years of learning by doing.
    Even now, when I re-edit something from a year or two ago, I find I’ve improved so much and can bring so much more into a simple story.

  6. Missy Sue says:

    Congrats!! It must feeel so great to finally have found your voice!!

  7. N.J. Walters says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Melissa. It’s always interesting to see how authors find their way to a writing career.

  8. Hi Melissa! I had a similar experience after 9/11. Carpe diem, baby. I started living my life for me and mine, and not just them. Don’t settle (my new motto). :)
    Welcome to Samhain and congrats!!

  9. Hi Melissa. Great post. I love hearing other writers’ stories too.


  10. Hi Melissa,

    Nice post – It’s always good to hear how and why people started writing.

  11. oops – I didn’t mean to whisper that.

  12. Diane, thank you.

    Fan-fiction and role play is interesting. Some people can be fanatical and you have to be aware of that. I was lucky I had such a great time. Thanks, Margo.

    Gia, I’m in total agreement, Thank you.

    Hiya Bonnie. Yes. It still surprises me how much I thought I knew back then.

    Oh yes, Missy! I’m so very happy to be part of Samhain where I can share my voice. Thanks.

    Thanks a bunch, N J.

    Hiya Beth. My motto is, I want to succeed more than I fear failure. Thank you.

    Thanks, Natasha. I enjoy getting there journey’s, too.

    Hiya Rebecca. Thanks. No worries about the whispering.

    Best to all~

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