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Where have all the good times gone?

By On Dec 29 2007, 7:00 pm

I can’t believe 2008 is nearly here. It’s amazing how quickly time flies! I look back on 2007 and see all the things I accomplished – and didn’t accomplish (I don’t want to say they were failures since that sounds so negative! haha).

This last year has been a challenge in many ways. I went through some personal things and managed to live through it thanks to my good friends. I also vowed I would get every wall in my house painted before the end of the year (I bought a house with white walls in every room) and I got it done. That was a huge success.

I finally made it to print with my book A BEND IN TIME, the story of my hit man and his intended target. I love that book. It started off as serialized fiction and then made it to novel format after much cutting and editing.

Not only did I have the print release, I had two e-books release back-to-back. The sequel to BEND, A BREAK IN TIME finalizes the story of Skye and Dane (and can I just say—that hero is totally hot? I was so in love with him the entire time I was writing him…hehe). The second e-book release was a contemporary about an ex-stripper and a bad boy, NICE GIRLS DO.

I consider myself lucky: I get to write books and tell stories. Even though I’m very disappointed in myself this year for not doing as much as I should have. I vow to change all that for 2008. My goal – and it’s a big one – is to complete FIVE manuscripts in the year. Yes, folks, you heard that right. FIVE. Now, whether or not they are saleable is another story altogether. ;)

At any rate, I’ve made a lot of personal progress this year. And I’m hoping I can make a lot of professional progress next year. I plan to ring in the New Year with my 6-year-old boy, a rousing game of Sorry! and even some Wii time, and then have a sip of wine at midnight. It’s a far cry from New Year’s of the past where I went out and partied until the wee hours of the morning. Funny how kids will change that for you.

So, dear readers, what are your goals and dreams for 2008?


6 Responses to “Where have all the good times gone?”

  1. Maria says:

    Wow, Michelle! You’re an inspiration. You go, woman!

    I make goals all year-long so January is just another month for me, but the next two things on my list for 2008 is to write a sequel for the upcoming “Touch of Fire” and finish revising the paranormal historical currently on my hard drive.

    Best of luck, Michelle. The next time you blog, I’d love to hear how you go about reaching your goals.

    This was great!

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by. I hope I make it too – and I’ll definitely do an update next time I blog :)

  3. Sunil says:

    1f5I would love to read Under The Never Sky. Thank you for this fun gaiwaevy hop

  4. Blessing says:

    1a6I would love to win Incarnate or Under the Never SkyThanks for the cnchae to win an awesome book!!

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