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January 2008
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Rhianna Samuels is Shaking Off the Dust

By On Jan 1 2008, 10:03 am

Well, here it is the end of 2007 and I’m thinking it was a grand year for me. I contracted my first book and started blogging, a new website, my space and face book. I’ve had more opportunities to put myself out there than ever in my life.

Trouble is that I don’t want to put myself out there as much as I want to put my novel out there. I am not that interesting. I lead an ordinary life with a butt kicking job, mostly my butt. I love my family and enjoy my friends. I write, I read and live vicariously through my characters. I am content in many ways. I consider myself funny as hell, but then we should be allowed to have delusions of adequacy. (Leave me mine.)

The blog, webpage, my space and face book are for you to discover my novel…my writing. The expression of my world view found its way into the mouths of my characters. The story is an international adventure seen from the perspective of someone who thinks she understands her world. She clings to her comfort zone, controlling the small things around her. In the first paragraph the description of the tree misshapen from a tornado is a metaphor for her life. Her world expands in an ever widening circle, while the relationships with the two heroes’ binds her emotionally tighter to romance, friendship and love.

Some people will be put off that it is a ghost story. I can guarantee that you will find my take on ghost and their rules of their existence are different from Ghost Whisperer or other movies, books and shows. But, then it’s all about the story, isn’t it? I like to think this one is a fun and exciting journey and well worth your time.

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