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The Trouble with Curses – Just Released!!

By On Sep 30 2008, 12:00 pm

The Trouble with Curses by Anara Bella

I’m very excited to announce the release of The Trouble with Curses, my first foray into Paranormal Romance!


A powerful attraction is the last thing these arch enemies need. Or is it?

Selena Tremayne is different. For one thing, how many vampires do you know faint at the sight of blood? Despite the problems her “differences” cause, she’s grateful. It means she’s not an all-out-evil killing machine. It also means she can’t afford to let anyone get too close. And a guy like Rafe, delicious as he is, is to be avoided at all costs.

Rafe Hunter is a vampire slayer, an odd job thrust upon him by dint of birth. And with his augmented abilities, no one else does it better. Those abilities run into a major short-circuit, however, when he meets Selena. The mysterious beauty clouds his every instinct—something he can ill afford in his line of work. Because of her, his quarry has somehow slipped out of his grasp. Twice.

Coincidences are piling up, and he can’t help but wonder if simple lust is the culprit. Or if it’s something deeper—with dangerous repercussions that extend beyond anything either of them imagined…

Warning: This title contains explicit, sizzling-hot slayer/vamp sex. Please note: No vampires were harmed during the writing of this book.

Rafe and Selena took me to unexpected territory with their story and managed to become very dear to my heart in the process. And while Selena’s a vampire and Rafe is the slayer, romance is very much the focus of their tale. I hope you enjoy reading The Trouble with Curses as much as I enjoyed writing it. =)



Book Trailer – The Trouble with Curses by Anara Bella

 The Trouble with Curses Book Trailer



Unedited Excerpt


She stopped walking and turned around. “Okay, Rafe. I know you’re back there. You may as well show yourself.”


“I have no intention of letting you find out where I live, so you have nothing to gain by following me. I’ll wander around all over town all night long before I’ll show you where I live.”

A dark shadow separated itself from the wall. “How did you know I was here?”

His rich, deep voice shivered down her spine in its usual intoxicating way. “I have a sixth sense about these things.”

“Has to be something like that because I’m damned good at what I do. No one’s ever caught me tailing them before.”

She threw him a quizzical look. “You do this often, do you?”

He chuckled. “Actually, I do. I’m a private investigator.”

Well, that explained it. If she hadn’t felt him behind her, she wouldn’t have known. “Just my luck.”

“I didn’t intend for you to ever find out I’d followed you home tonight. I was just going to make sure you got in safely and leave.”

That would have been great except he’d still have found out where she lived. “That’s really nice, but I already told you that I’m fine. I don’t need you checking up on me.”

She heard rather than saw him shrug. One of the perks of having amazing hearing.

“Sorry. My father always taught me that you took care of a lady. Made sure she got home safe and sound.”

“But I wasn’t your date, so I’m not your responsibility.”

“Doesn’t matter. Look, Selena, whether you like it or not I like you, and I want to get to know you a helluvalot better. I won’t give up on you anytime soon, it’s just not my way so you may as well give in and give me a chance.”

“And I have no say in the matter?”

“Yes and no.”

Despite herself she laughed. “Meaning?”

“You’ve already decided. Your heart and body have already said yes. It’s only your mind that refuses to give in.”

“Unfortunately for you, it’s my mind that’s got the deciding vote.” The second the words passed her lips she wished them back. She’d as much as admitted to what he said.

He shook his head. Stepping closer, he reached out and cupped her cheek. “No, it doesn’t. This is the real deciding factor.”

She felt his sweet breath on her face just moments before his lips gently brushed across her own. They were feather-light and warm, at first coaxing, then growing more insistent as her response became evident.

She knew she should push him away, but she couldn’t seem to make herself do it. She’d been fantasizing about kissing Rafe from the moment she’d first heard his voice trickle over her senses. Now that it was happening, the last thing she wanted to do was stop him.

Her hands developed a mind of their own. Happily, they explored everything they could reach, from his hard biceps to his strong neck and finally ended up clutching his tight ass for everything she was worth.

She was right in her initial assessment—he was most definitely sex-on-legs. And right now, with his erection nestled between their bodies, she wanted nothing more than to traverse the very path that led to what felt like his very impressive sex.

She moaned into his mouth and ground her hips against him, feeling him return the exquisite pressure. Their tongues danced along each other, questing, exploring, enticing. Her breath caught. Blood pounded in her ears, all but igniting in her veins. She tried to tell herself it was just a kiss, nothing more, but who was she kidding? She’d never felt anything that came close to this kiss before.

Everything about him struck a chord with everything she was, and everything she wanted for herself, but was too afraid to take.

With an answering groan, his mouth started eating at hers, their tongues now melding together.




Oh Lord, how she wanted. She wanted it all with this guy. Sex without a doubt, but the terrifying thing was she wanted more than that. She could deal with just the physical. In fact, Anne was probably right that all she needed was a good, long night of hot and heavy sex.

But with Rafe, she found herself dreaming of the happily-ever-after, and there was no happily-ever-after for her. There couldn’t be because of what she was.

Pushing him away with a determination she didn’t even know she possessed, she stepped back. Did she have the same stunned expression on her face he did? With disgust, she realized she must.

Neither said anything. They couldn’t. Both of them were breathing so hard you’d have thought they’d been running for their lives. Then again, maybe they had. Rafe, because he was chasing after her. Her, because she was striving to get away from his magnetic attraction.

The whole thing was ridiculous.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone?” Damn her voice’s quavery betrayal.

He reached out and skimmed his thumb across her lips. “Because I can’t.”

She shook off his touch and his hand dropped away. “That’s not an answer.”

“It’s the only one I can give you.”

Selena threw her hands up in frustration. “What am I going to do with you?”

An utterly wicked chuckle erupted from him. “I can think of a few things.”

“I’ll just bet you can.” So could she, although she’d never let him know it.

Despite her resistance, he pulled her into his arms and held her close. “Stop fighting this, Selena. At least give us a chance.”

It felt so good to be held in his arms. She felt warm, secure and cherished. She nuzzled into his shoulder and inhaled his comforting scent.

How was it was possible to feel so comfortable with a man and yet be so turned on you wanted to screw him senseless at the same time? It didn’t make sense.

She sighed and snuggled in closer. “You need to go away.”

His arms tightened, drawing her even closer. “Whatever you say. Just as soon as I see you home.”

“You’re not going to give in on this, are you?”

He kissed her forehead. “Nope.”



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ISBN: 978-1-60504-204-6


Thanks for reading! =)


Romance that’s sexy with a touch of sass

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