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Contests : Do you have to be the homecoming queen?

By On Apr 17 2009, 7:00 pm

Romance writing is ripe with contests. Entire websites are dedicated to tracking contests and winners. Writers on their way to publication are encouraged to mold their writing into the best version possible before presenting it to editors and agents.

Once a book is published, there are more contests looking to sift through and find the best representation of the industry. These contests are cost prohibitive, so authors need to take into consideration lots of variables — who is judging, what is offered to finalists and winners, how many books need to be shipped, the entry fee, etc.

Like the contests for aspiring authors, most of the contests for published books are judged by writers, some are graded solely by authors, and a few are ranked by industry professionals like booksellers and librarians. For me, comparing who the judges are is like comparing winning the Oscar (judged by peers) to the Golden Globe (voted on by the press). Anytime your work is recognized, it’s fantastic.

No matter who is evaluating the novels, a story is being read by someone who might not have read it otherwise. Anyone who volunteers to read for a contest obviously likes romance novels, so if your story wows them, they’ll likley find another of your books. And tell their friends about their new find. Finalling is just icing on the cake!

Why do I have contests on the brain? Her Cinderella Complex is a Passionate Plume finalist! There are quite a few Samhain books on the list. Check it out ::


**Jenna Bayley-Burke – Her Cinderella Complex
**Mari Carr – Erotic Research

Paranormal / Time Travel

**Dana Marie Bell – The Wallflower, Halle Pumas Book 1
**Crystal Jordan – Treasured
Jenna Bayley-Burke


19 Responses to “Contests : Do you have to be the homecoming queen?”

  1. Jo White says:

    Don’t think so!

  2. Patti says:

    Contests are fun and I am an insatiable reader of anything.

  3. sherry barnes says:

    i love to read

  4. Angela Bartlett says:

    I read, and read, and read. I am voracious! I am blessed that my daughter is the same way. We share the same tastes so we can move our books from one house to the other. If there are special ones we want to keep, then we buy a second copy for the other person. Hey, works for us!

  5. Summer Grinstead says:

    Love to read. Anything… :)

  6. Grace Irelan says:

    Reading is my favorite escape.

  7. Jessica Hicken says:

    Love to read

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  8. Karen Agee says:

    Love to read

  9. Barbara Evans says:

    love to read

  10. Sally Gawne says:

    I love stories either by book or audio.

  11. JackieW says:

    There are only so many homecoming queens…let’s have a cheer for the rest of us.

  12. TinaR says:

    No homecoming queen for me. Most of the queens I’ve seen act like snobs. I’ll stick to reading my book!

  13. Carla Carlson says:

    Homecoming was great from what I remember, but the queen was hustling, bustling trying to get votes. Meanwhile I was dancing and enjoying being with my friends.

  14. Christine Schultz says:

    Homecoming queen is not for me. I’d rather be dancing.

  15. Beverly C says:

    No need to be the Queen. It is wonderful for those who want it, but I’d rather be in hanging in the crowd.

  16. Allison Gardner says:

    I would have loved to be Homecoming Queen, but I guess I’ll just have to read about it

  17. melissa says:

    No WAY!!

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