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Don’t Blink

By On Jan 9 2010, 10:00 am

Ever have one of those moments when you stop and ask yourself, “Hey, where did the time go?” I’m many of us were glad to see 2009, with its financial uncertainties, fade behind us, but 2010 brought a really bittersweet reality check with it.

My firstborn — still my baby — turned fifteen just after New Year’s. He’s studying to get his learner’s permit. His voice is deeper, and I have to look up at him now. I taught him to pump gas earlier in the week, and he’s all about understanding traffic flow right now.

We celebrated his birthday in conjunction with his uncle’s (my younger brother.) My parents’ only son and youngest child, he was entering his thirties. Our celebration took place just two days after my sister took her daughter to college for the first time, several hours away. While waiting for my perpetually-late brother to arrive, I showed my mother some photos of my son taken just hours after his birth. I think he-of-the-size-fifteen-shoes may have footwear larger than he was. I remember holding him then, can feel the sweet weight of him in my arms, as I’m sure my sister remembers holding my niece and my mom remembers holding my brother (yes, he was born late, too.).

I’m pretty sure they were wondering where all the time had fone, too.

If you have a poignant “don’t blink” moment, please share in the comments!

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One Response to “Don’t Blink”

  1. Lainey Reese says:

    My only child is adopted. I waited so long for her; tried so hard for a baby for years and years before I was blessed with her. Now every second seems to be flying by at light speed!
    She was crawling at only 4 months, then walking 2 weeks before she hit 8 months! Then she broke my heart by potty traing herself at 18 months! My one and only baby and she was no longer a baby before she even hit 2! No fair.
    Now she is almost 14 (gulp) and we were shopping for a dress to wear to a friends wedding. I sent a scrungie tween dressed in sweat shirt and ragged jeans in to a dressing room with a couple gowns and out walked a beautiful (and shockingly curvy) young woman. Slender and tall, with curves that made me regret every cookie I ever ate, she stood there surrounded by mirrors and I felt like I was in the middle of a fairy tale. She had blossomed in that room and the scrungie kid was no more.
    She was a baby far a second. Then she was a kid for maybe a minute and now I have a young lady on my hands…. does anyone know where the re-start button is?

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