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New Release Today: Freya’s Gift

By On Mar 23 2010, 4:00 am

I owe the publication of Freya’s Gift to rejection.

Well, more accurately, to my being pissed off at rejection.

I finaled in the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart contest in 2004 and
had high hopes of selling my manuscript. I thought I was on my way.

But all I got was rejections. In retrospect, they were right that the quality of my writing needed to improve. However, many of the rejections also stated that my book had marketing problems. It was too much mystery for a romance
and too much romance for a mystery. (Think something like Castle or
Remington Steele.)

Writing is always the best way to get myself out of a funk, so I sat down and
wrote what I call a “to hell with them” book and the universe
that became the setting for Freya’s Gift was born.


It’s a world where Vikings have settled in North America, in approximately
the area where modern-day Albany, New York is located. The Vikings have intermarried with one of the native Lenape clans but, unfortunately, a sickness has wiped out half their village.

To me, while it is also a very erotic story, Freya’s Gift is at heart a tale of how love survives after tragedy.
A blurb and an excerpt is below and you can find more snippets on my website,


Saving her people could mean losing her man.
In the months since an unexplained sickness wiped out most of their women, Sif and Ragnor have managed to hold their people together. Yet nothing can overcome the tribe’s overwhelming grief, and their future as leaders—and as a couple—is at a dangerous crossroads.

A series of sensual omens convinces Sif that a fertility ritual to honor the goddess, Freya, is the only path to healing, but it requires a sacrifice. One Sif is more than willing to make—but puts Ragnor’s heart in the middle of an emotional tug of war. He would give his life for his people, but share Sif’s body with his greatest rival? The goddess asks too much.

Refuse, and Ragnor will fail his duty and doom the tribe to violent destruction from within. Accept, and their trust could be rewarded with renewal for their people and themselves. Or shatter a love already stretched to the breaking point.

Warning: This title contains m/m/f sex, gay sex, anal sex, double penetration and good, clean fun with two hot Vikings and an ancient spring.

Ragnor’s face did not change expression as he saw her. He set the axe down carefully against the side of the longhouse. “Sif. You wake early today.”

“I am feeling better.” Sif almost reached out to lay her hand on his chest. He smelled so sweet, so musky, so much like he did after lovemaking. She still found him irresistible. But she’d always known he’d welcome her attention before.

“Good.” Ragnor nodded.

Behind Ragnor, men carrying spears, bows and arrows gathered in the square.

“A hunting party?” she asked.

“It will do the men good.”

Meaning that it would be something to occupy him. “Yes, it will.” Her tongue nearly caught in her throat.

He set his hand on her hip. “Sif.”

“Ragnor.” She felt her face flush and fought the urge to fall at his feet and beg for him to touch her further.

A chief’s wife does not beg.

My website:


6 Responses to “New Release Today: Freya’s Gift”

  1. Magess says:

    I have to say, I’m curious to see the first book (with improved writing quality of course). Who doesn’t like mystery AND romance?

  2. Corrina says:

    Magess, thank you!

    Ah, the first book (Above the Fold) is, as yet, unsold. Its sequel was the one that finaled in the Golden Heart.

    I just went through extensive revisions and while I think it was good before, it’s much better now. :)

    But I haven’t had a chance to query it yet. The first chapter is over on my website, though, under romantic mysteries.

  3. Jase says:

    This book looks great. Its not listed on goodreads yet though. Just thought I would let you know.

  4. Corrina says:

    Sorry to be so late answering, Jase, but I wanted to thank you for the tip on Goodreads. I need to go over there and do that.

  5. Very nice, I really liked it. Do you know of somewhere I can see more about it?

  6. Corrina says:

    Thanks for the comment Bondurant. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    To see more, try my website:

    There’s information there about another book set in the same universe featuring some of the same characters from Freya’s Gift.

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