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Take Two — The Sequel

By On Jul 9 2010, 8:00 am

Okay, so I’m trying something I’ve never done before. Other people do it all the time. Some even do it more than once, over and over again. But I’ve always been afraid of it…until I dared myself to push my boundaries and try it. Yes, I’m writing a SEQUEL.

My Samhain release “Training the Receptionist” really ought to have a follow-up.
I’m the author, so that means I have to write it. Gulp. Did I mention I’ve never done this before? But I got my three characters, a receptionist and her two sexy bosses, into a very, um, interesting arrangement. Now I owe it to them to see what happens next.

Lots of questions have come up that are different from the usual ones when I sit down to write. For instance, what did readers like about the first book? (Or, what didn’t they like?) What would make someone pick up the sequel? Which characters would they like to see more of? Or never again?

If readers have expectations based on the first book (regarding heat level, story, characters), I don’t want to disappoint them. Then again, this has to be a new story that tackles new territory. How do I make this book similar enough … but different? Same characters, same essential relationships, but deeper, further, more?

That’s my challenge, and so far, I’m having a blast. Now I wonder why I didn’t do this sequel thing ages ago. It’s a chance to reconnect with characters I love and find out where their story goes next. It’s a chance to learn even more about those characters, to discover more layers to them. It’s a chance to explore directions that didn’t seem to fit before. Some of those directions have surprised even me!

I have no idea what readers will think of my “Training the Receptionist” sequel, but I’m having so much fun writing it, I know I’ll be doing this again.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom for me as I tackle this process? I’d love to hear what readers look for in a sequel…and what helpful advice other writers might have for me!

Juniper Bell


2 Responses to “Take Two — The Sequel”

  1. Selena Blake says:

    For my series I try to make the characters “sound” the same, same expressions, etc. I think the important thing is a natural progression. If you skip six months, an occasional mention of what’s been going on is fine I think. But as you said, it needs to be a new story and you must pick up and continue with what you’ve created. As long as you don’t kill off any important characters, I think you should be okay. :-)

  2. Pamela Fryer says:

    I love sequels. They’re like visiting old friends.

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