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New Print Books ~ April 5, 2011 releases on SALE!

By On Apr 6 2011, 8:00 am



Spring into Action, Romance, Magic and MORE with Samhain's April Print Releases!
Did you know? Print books are on SALE this week too!


Publication Date: April 5, 2011

Wasteland Wasteland by R. G. Alexander, Eden Bradley, Lilli Feisty, Crystal Jordan
Genre: SciFi – Futuristic, Red Hots!!!
Length: 296 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-085-7
Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

There is only one rule in the Wasteland. Survive.

The Wanderer by Crystal Jordan ~ For his inventions, Ezra can demand whatever price he wants, and now he wants the fierce warrior, Kadira. Kadira fights her unexpected need for him with all her strength. The trouble is, the more she resists, the more he seems to like it.

The Whore by Lilli Feisty ~ Prostitution is the only life Bryn knows until she escapes aboard a pirate ship, dressed as a boy. In the arms of Captain Xander and his lover, Hawke, she finds true freedom. Yet danger awaits them at the next port…

The Breeder by Eden Bradley ~ When Nitara looks into the eyes of the man to be sacrificed along with her virginity, she sees not an animal, but the man who haunts her erotic dreams. Realizing the temptress is as much a prisoner as he, Akaash escapes with her into the arms of his bonded lover, Dhatri. There, she learns loving two men is worth every sacrifice.

The Priestess by R.G. Alexander ~ On a dangerous journey to an ancient city, High Priestess Xian and her guard, Hel, find a battered stranger. Her attraction to the mysterious Siraj makes Hel's blood boil, forcing him to cross a line never before dared. And reveal secrets that change everything.

Product Warnings: Contains hot pirates, sexy Sun Guards, dirty and dusty warriors with big swords, three-way, more-way, straight-way, bi-way, anal sex, spanking, naked wrestling, voyeurism, exhibitionism, pretty much every "ism" because, c'mon, it's the Smutketeers!

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Angels & Demons Angels & Demons by Tarra Blaize, Victoria Davies, Madelyn Ford
Genre: Anthologies, Paranormal, Angels & Demons
Length: 248 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-070-3
Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

Hang on to your horns and haloes–the earth is about to move.

Forget what you think you know about who is pure and who is pure evil. These three brimstone-hot stories will turn all your preconceived notions inside out–and leave you breathless.

Break by Tarra Blaize ~ To save her brother, Layla is forced to use her computer-hacking skills to go after Gethin, a powerful blood demon who pushes all her sexual buttons. It doesn't take Gethin long to figure out his pretty traitor is being blackmailed. Yet even if he saves all she holds dear, she can never be his…

Deals with Demons by Victoria Davies ~ Talia's inborn ability makes her the perfect demon hunter. Yet there's one demon she can't banish from her heart–despite the humiliation he caused. Now he's back to cut her a deal in exchange for one last heated night in his arms. Resist? Hell, no. Forgive? Never…

My Avenging Angel by Madelyn Ford ~ Victoria should be celebrating her birthday. Instead she's using her newly emerged powers to summon an angel to protect her from a demon out to kill her. No mere spell can hold an archangel as powerful as Michael, but the fact she's his destined mate has him shaking in his heavenly combat boots–and in danger of losing his heart.

Product Warnings: Includes heavenly devilish demons, devastatingly dreamy angels, and sex hot enough to melt the gates of Heaven.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Tatterdemalion Tatterdemalion by Anah Crow, Dianne Fox
Genre: GLBT
Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-082-6, Series: Foundations of Magic
Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

Deep runs the world of magic–and desire.

Foundations of Magic, Book 1

Lindsay Carrington is a prisoner of his life–first in the mundane world, then in the military testing facility where his parents sent him to have his magic dissected, studied and "fixed". When he finally escapes, freedom comes at great cost. The man who rescues him from near death in a dark alley is far from a savior. He's a feral mage nearly as broken as Lindsay himself.

Dane knows better than to argue with the wind that summoned him to Lindsay's rescue, but playing nursemaid isn't the role he envisioned for himself in the battle to end the human campaign to control his people. In spite of his resistance, he is bound to the delicate, skittish mage who unwittingly harbors one of the greatest magical powers ever known.

Lindsay desperately hides his growing desire, sure that Dane could never reciprocate. Yet Dane lays his life on the line to protect him, restoring the one thing Lindsay thought was gone forever: hope.

But true freedom to live–and to love–will elude Lindsay until he can regain his magic and win Dane's complete devotion. And survive long enough to do both.

Product Warnings: Contains graphic language, violence and explicit erotic content.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

My Gigolo My Gigolo by Molly Burkhart
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-077-2
Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

When a good man is hard to find, there's only one thing left to do. Buy one.

As far as Gabrielle is concerned, her life isn't at all a mess. It's simply taught her a hard lesson–never rely on anyone else for her own happiness. It's not that she's against having sex. Far from it. It's just that if it comes with strings tied to the word "love", she'll pass.

Now if only she could stop her sister and friends from trying to show her the error of her solitary ways. Especially after their latest trick–hiring a male prostitute for her birthday.

In all his time as a male escort, Jack's never met anyone as intriguing as down-to-earth Gabe. Or as determined to refuse his charms. She has no idea whom she's dealing with, though. Jack's a consummate professional in all aspects of his chosen field. Including coercion.

One minute, Gabe is agreeing to a night of no-strings sex. The next, she's staring up at a man who turns her body and soul inside out. Jack is staring down at a woman he can't imagine never seeing again. Both are suddenly aware there are only two ways this could end: a match made in heaven…or sheer disaster.

Product Warnings: Explicit sex, illegal sexual practices, zombies, a clown, and the strangest minigolf course ever conceived.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Lessons in Trust Lessons in Trust by Charlie Cochrane
Genre: GLBT, Historical, Mystery
Length: 232 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-076-5, Series: Cambridge Fellows Mysteries
Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

He thought he knew who he was. Now he's a stranger to himself.

Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 7

When Jonty Stewart and Orlando Coppersmith witness the suspicious death of a young man at the White City exhibition in London, they're keen to investigate–especially after the cause of death proves to be murder. But police Inspector Redknapp refuses to let them help, even after they stumble onto clues to the dead man's identity.

Orlando's own identity becomes the subject for speculation when, while mourning the death of his beloved grandmother, he learns that she kept secrets about her past. Desperate to discover the truth about his family, Orlando departs suddenly on a solo quest to track down his roots, leaving Jonty distraught.

While Jonty frantically tries to locate his lover, Orlando wonders if he'll be able to find his real family before he goes mad. After uncovering more leads to the White City case, they must decide whether to risk further involvement. Because if either of them dares try to solve the murder, Inspector Redknapp could expose their illicit–and illegal–love affair.

Product Warnings: Contains sensual m/m lovemaking and hot men driving Lagondas.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Two Lives in Waltz Time Two Lives in Waltz Time by Vivien Dean
Genre: Romance, Time Travel
Length: 296 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-083-3
Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

Fred and Ginger never had it this rough.

Maddy Cardinale loves her art restoration job at a prestigious New York museum. She wouldn't even mind working the night shift if it wasn't for her annoying colleague, Cash Vinci. Charismatic, confident to a fault, sexy as hell…Cash seems bound and determined to get under her skin.

Cash's specialty is ancient weaponry–knives, swords, clubs–but when it comes to sharp, nothing comes close to Maddy's icy wit. If only she'd learn to lighten up, she'd see that appearances are deceiving. Just thinking about touching that amazing skin of hers makes him break into a sweat.

An unusual painting's arrival provides a welcome distraction–until a fleeting touch unleashes a magic that flings them out of their workshop and into the 1940s nightclub portrayed on the canvas. They're dressed to kill, and so are the mobsters and molls who surround them. Worse, they learn all too quickly that the club sells more than drinks.

Trapped in a deadly dance, they race to unravel the spell that traps them in a world where the only safe place is Cash's bed. On that fragile foundation, they forge a trust that just might grow into something lasting. If their dance isn't cut short…

Product Warnings: Contains dashing men in tuxes, glamorous women in ballgowns, and more magic than you can shake a stick at.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Scent of Persuasion Scent of Persuasion by Nikki Duncan
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 200 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-081-9, Series: Sensory Ops
Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

An alluring woman in a red dress. Is she an ally…or a killer's lure?

Sensory Ops, Book 2

Actress Kami Evans is tackling the biggest role of her life–as an escort. There's definitely something going on in Madame V's mansion, but Kami has to prove herself trustworthy before she can dig deeper and prove her stepbrother didn't commit suicide.

Her first assignment: seduce a CEO and, oddly, steal his hair brush. He's everything she avoids in a man: suave, sexy, suited. She plays her role all the way to the bedroom…and finds it stunningly difficult to walk away.

Breck Lawson's undercover assignment, posing as a replacement CEO, is yielding zero clues as to why his friend tried to kill himself–until Kami comes on the scene. She's everything he likes in a woman: safe, sexy, temporary. She also arouses him just by walking into a room, a sure sign it's time to push her away.

Then he connects the dots she unwittingly shares, and realizes their investigations are linked by delicate strands of DNA. Keeping her near isn't wise, but he has to know her secrets and keep her safe.

Unless they trust each other and come clean, those dots could lead to death for both of them…

Product Warnings: This title contains love found in the last place expected, call girls, disco sticks, Monkees karaoke, steamy sex and a conspiracy to murder through the need for sex.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Rock Me Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 280 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-080-2
Price: $16.00 Limited time sale-priced for $11.20

Loving him couldn't be worse than losing him. Could it?

Candace Andrews has had enough of pleasing others. In an act of birthday rebellion, she sets out to please herself–by walking into the tattoo parlor owned by her cousin's ex-boyfriend. All she wants is a little ink, and Brian's just the guy to give it to her.

As soon as she submits to his masterful hands, though, the forbidden attraction she's always felt for him resurfaces…and she realizes the devilishly sexy artist could give her so much more.

Sweet, innocent Candace is the last person Brian expected to see again. She's everything he's not, and her family despises him. He doesn't need the hassle, but he needs her, and this time no one is taking her away. Not even those who threaten to make his life a living hell.

Backed into a corner, Candace faces the worst kind of choice. Cave in to those who think Brian is a living nightmare…or hold her ground and risk it all for the one man who rocks her world.

Product Warnings: This book contains explicit sex, naughty language, tattoos aplenty, family drama, a hot rock concert…and a bad boy hero who's pierced in all the right places.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Maximum Temptation Maximum Temptation by Annmarie McKenna
Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!
Length: 216 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-069-7
Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

Come on, give in to the temptation. You know you want to…

Between a Ridge and a Hard Place ~ Tired of being ignored by her boss, Morgan steps it up–and strips down. The ploy works even better than she expected. Ridge whisks her to his place before the vixen he's long lusted after has a chance to change her mind. Then he discovers there's a mole planted in his company. Is Morgan the woman he's been waiting for? Or a corporate saboteur?

Bridging the Gap ~ Carter doesn't do permanent…until he's burning up the sheets with a woman who could change his mind. Except she's holding something back. Ryan has never let anything, not even her epilepsy, stop her from making it in the construction business. Until she discovers she's sleeping with the designer of her next project. And someone intent on destroying it takes aim at her back.

To the Max ~ Once security expert Max spies Jordan wrapped around a silver pole, keeping his mind on his job becomes a big problem. Despite her wealthy family's objections, Jordan is focused on her dream of opening a dance studio. Yet once alone, their inhibitions disappear faster than their clothes. Then someone breaks into her house, making her wonder who he's working for…

Product Warnings: Contains graphic sex, a little spanking on an OCD-clean desk, a rogue set of pencils that just won't stay where they're told, sweet loving in a tub…and a stubbed toe. You'll have to read on to find out why that's sexy.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

I Married a Dragon I Married a Dragon by Beverly Rae
Genre: Paranormal, Red Hots!!!, Shape-shifters, Comedy
Length: 272 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-075-8, Series: Para-Mates
Price: $15.00 Limited time sale-priced for $10.50

Burn, baby, burn…

Para-Mates, Book 2

Chrissy Taylor doesn't believe in a lot of things. Her life, and her career as a supernatural myth-buster, are ruled by logic and skepticism. Love at first sight? Forget it–until she's swept off her feet by Mr. Tall, Dark and Mysterious.

The next thing she knows, she's done the most illogical thing imaginable: run off to Vegas for a quickie marriage. And Mr. TD&M's insatiable hunger for her body is starting to feel suspiciously like an attempt to make her the one thing she fears most. Pregnant.

Even though Kaine sets Chrissy's world on fire–literally–she can't resist embarking on her toughest debunking mission yet. She must unearth the truth about her new husband before desire consumes the last of her reason.

Kaine Delcaluca is withholding the fact that he's a dragon, but time is of the essence. He desperately needs an heir to save his dynasty. Plus, he has an even bigger problem. The Scepter of Fire, the only weapon powerful enough to kill a dragon, has gone missing. If he fails to find it–and knock up his new bride–within the next few days, his people are doomed…

Product Warnings: Sizzles with graphic language, set-the-sheets-on-fire sex, and snarky personal assistant machines.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Shelter from the Storm Shelter from the Storm by Samantha Sommersby
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 216 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60504-918-2
Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80 

Not everyone has to go looking for love…for a lucky few, love finds them.

In any other circumstance, Jennifer Jones's first meeting with Maclain Moore would have been called serendipity, a happy coincidence. She's looking for a new roommate; he's looking for a place to live. It doesn't hurt that he's sexy as hell, either.

But the man who crosses her threshold isn't there to sign on the dotted line–he's the bearer of news bad enough to shake the very foundation of her life. A life built around a fierce sense of independence, born of a violent incident from her past.

Mac is no stranger to heartache. His career in social work immerses him in it, plus he has his own share of skeletons rattling around in his closet. His attempts to comfort Jennifer bring the two of them closer together. With each touch, she becomes harder to resist. Mac's body's response would try the patience of a saint. And a saint he's not.

Baring her soul isn't high on her list, but she finds herself opening up to Mac in ways that make it hard to hold him at arm's length. And as her life spins out of control, their growing passion becomes the only tangible thing she can cling to…

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

Product Warnings: This book may spoil you for real relationships. It contains a beautiful woman with a dark and dangerous past, sensational sailboat sex and a leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding man who loves kids, knows how to cook and actually listens.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Nine-tenths of the Law Nine-tenths of the Law by L.A. Witt
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT
Length: 232 Pages, ISBN: 978-1-60928-078-9
Price: $14.00 Limited time sale-priced for $9.80

Without trust, common ground can get pretty shaky…

"I believe you have something of mine, Zach."

Zach Owens doesn't even know who this angry stranger is, let alone what the man is talking about–until he learns what they have in common. Their boyfriend, Jake. Once Jake's out of the picture, Zach's apology to Nathan Forrester leads to a long conversation, a kiss, and a chemistry that goes far beyond revenge sex.

Nathan can't help but fall for the sexy movie theater owner, but it's a long way from sheet-tearing sex to mutual trust. And a series of "coincidences" that throws Zach into Jake's company leaves him unconvinced Zach was the complete innocent in their previous love triangle.

Zach can't seem to make Nathan believe that Jake is up to something. But protesting his innocence isn't working, and Jake's carefully orchestrated campaign to destroy their love could leave them both with nothing…

Product Warnings: Contains explicit male/male revenge sex, sweet sex, angry sex, and make-up sex. Author is not responsible for clothing damage that may result from reading this book.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here


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