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What’s Not To Love?

By On Aug 27 2011, 9:00 am

Books. I love everything about them.

The way they smell. The way they look and feel in my hands. The pretty picture on the cover. And beyond the superficial stuff, they contain within their precious pages a treasure without price. Thanks to books, there’s no limit to the places I can go, the people I can meet, the hunky heroes I can seduce, the things I can learn, experience, discover.

Anyone out there love going to the library?

Yep, I thought so. Me too.

Library stacksOne of my fondest childhood memories is of going to the library. That wonderful building was a slice of heaven because it housed my very favorite thing in the whole world. I can remember my mother taking me there and letting me loose in the children’s section to pick out whatever books I wanted to take home. Without exception, I always took the maximum allowed and I’d inhale them in no time.

But as much as I loved that children’s section, I could hardly wait until I could get books from the adult area. I so wanted to explore in there. It was so much bigger, seemed so mysterious. That desire only grew stronger as I got older so that when I was finally old enough exploring was exactly what I did. I took my time and just wandered around in the stacks, pulling out books at random, checking out every nook and cranny. I found a lot of great authors that way, many of whom I love to this day.

In the process, I also discovered what I love to read best—romance. It didn’t matter what sub-genre the book was, as long as there was an element of romance in there I was happy. I still feel the same way today. Science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, historical, western or any combination of the above, I love them all but romance is the common thread.

And let’s be honest, is there anything better than getting lost in a book? Not for me, and I’ve always felt that way. I remember one time when I was about twelve, I was reading a story where the characters were stuck in a blizzard, trudging through the snow, frozen through and through. Toward the end of the scene, my mother called me and I had to stop reading and go see what she wanted. I was literally shocked to find it was summertime outside. I’d been so immersed in the plight of those characters I’d expected to see a blizzard raging outside the windows instead of the lush green leaves that were gently waving in the breeze.

That’s the power of books. They can capture your imagination like nothing else, way more than a movie, and I love watching movies. But to me, nothing surpasses a well-written book for sucking me into another world. It utilizes the imagination in a totally special way because we get to mix our imagination with the author’s. And we get to do it all from the comfort of our favorite chair.

Today we’re especially lucky because we have a whole new way to enjoy books—digitally. And since I love techie stuff almost as much as I love books I can enjoy my first two loves all at the same time with an eReader. I mean really, what’s not to love about a lightweight, pocket-sized device that allows me to carry hundreds of books wherever I go?

Yes indeed, what’s not to love about books?

How about you? Do you love books as much as I do? I’m betting you do. So, what’s your favorite genre? I’d love to hear all about it. =)



Anara Bella
Romance that’s sexy with a touch of sass

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