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Powerful Women and Mythology

By On Sep 28 2011, 10:14 am

I am a research junkie. Yup, I admit it. I could spend my life in a library or hunting down relics and nuggets of information, or perusing the internet for hours on end, forgetting the world, and staying totally immersed in the past. Of course that would be possible if I had the time and a personal chef, chauffer and maid to take care of my kids, the house and all of my other life functions. Alas, I don’t but I do set aside a good amount of time doing intense research before I start a book.

My latest paranormal romance series, Shadow Warriors, is based on Aztec mythology, which is not exactly popular reading material. Most people learn about the Greek or Roman gods and goddesses, but not so much about the Meso-American gods. So why go with Aztec myths?

Well, the answer is quite simple. I love them!

Tales filled with blood, sacrifice, love, agony, birth, renewal, hope and tragedy. The stories are complex and filled with dynamic characters that are constantly in upheaval. They never fit the mold and are both good and bad; duel natured gods that like to twist words and hearts right out of chests. The goddesses are diverse, each one allowed to have their own power, have sway over nature, forceful and great in their own right. They love, they give birth, they kill, and they destroy. In a time, when women were seen as little more than wives and mothers, good for raising babes and tending field and men’s needs, these women were strong and powerful.

The first novella, Out of the Shadows, features a powerful water goddess, that I affectionately named Chica. It was amazing to do the research and learn all about the dynamic goddess. Here are some facts:

Her real Aztec Name: Chalchiuhtlicue

Alias: Woman of the Jade Skirt / Lady Precious Green Stone Skirt

Appearance: She is depicted with water-lilies, dressed in watery blues and greens, and sometimes has quetzal-feathers in her hair.

Relation to the gods: She is the elder sister to Tlaloc, the rain god.

Powers: Goddess of running water, springs, rivers and lakes, she is a fluid woman and can move with the flow. She has a green thumb and brings fertility to crops. She is kind and noble and loves humanity and pregnant women.

She can get a bit emotional and is prone to tears that cause floods and drought.

When I started reading about the various Aztec gods, my imagination went wild. I plucked from the material and wondered what would happen if ancient Aztec gods and goddesses came back to modern-day times and decided they wanted to rule once again? And so began my love affair with shadow warriors and guardians battling to save humanity from ancient deities who wanted to control the world.

There are many more gods and goddesses that are involved in the Shadow Warrior series, but to tell you all about them would require more than one post.

You can always stop by my website to learn more about the Shadow Warriors series.

Leave me a comment. I love talking about gods and goddesses; Aztec, Greek, Roman, Celtic and even Hindi one’s too!
I am curious to know which mythology sparks your imagination? Or which series themes you find facinating?


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