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Day Shift by Missy Jane

By On Nov 11 2011, 9:00 am

The first time I wrote vampires, my heroine was a jealous, homicidal bitch with a score to settle. She was vindictive and violent and honestly gave me nightmares. She also has never been published. I shelved that book almost immediately after finishing it because everyone was writing vampires. Though that trend hasn't diminished much in the past few years, I found a new voice in my head that I simply couldn't ignore.

Zaria Stonewell is a human living in a vampire-run world. Greg Parsons is a vampire detective trying to figure out what Zaria's ex-husband, Ivan, is trying to pull. Humans are dying at the hands of a hungry vampire and it's all drawn out in vivid comicbook color.


The sun's not the only thing that's too hot to handle.



President Vardin isn’t the first vampire politician to make empty promises. Humans can work at night, he says. Humans will be safe on the streets, he says. It’s all bull. I’m still stuck on day shift at Langley’s Round The Clock Emporium, trying to earn enough to live from night to night.

If I thought the sun’s harsh rays had turned society upside down, watch what happens when I witness a murder in the alley. The police keep bombarding me with questions until a detective with a bad attitude walks in and takes over. He’s unbelievably hot, way out of my league, and way, way out of my comfort zone. Because he’s the one thing I fear most. A vampire.

Then I learn why the police seem so interested in me. My ex-husband is drawing a series of murders in his new comics. I’m in every one of them, and it looks like I’m supposed to be the last victim. The detective’s interest in my past—and his protective instincts—are bordering on unprofessional, but I can’t seem to bring myself to care.

Because the last place I should want to be is the safest place on earth…a vampire’s embrace. 

Product Warnings

If you like your vampires sparkly and emotional, don’t read this book. It contains an overworked, underpaid, bloodsucking hero who might break your heart.

Warm breath on my neck caused a shiver of terror to course down my spine as I lay helpless in my bed. Zander chuckled, deep and low in his throat, but I felt no answering amusement for my brother’s familiar laugh. My pulse leapt every time he moved and my muscles refused to obey my brain’s screaming demands to fight. Cold sweat beaded on my forehead and my body trembled uncontrollably. He didn’t seem to notice as he shifted his weight to press me more firmly into the mattress. Fear was a live thing in my belly, acrid on my tongue with the taste of bile. I whimpered but he gave no sign he heard or cared. He seemed too preoccupied with sniffing my neck and pushing his obvious erection into my thigh. His cotton shirt scraped against my bare arm and I cried out. He only chuckled again.
This was it. I’d known for weeks there was a change in him but could never figure out exactly what was wrong. I’d idolized my big brother and he had always been protective of me but those days were done. He’d been drinking the synth stuff his vamp friends had talked him into regardless of what it represented. Human blood. It wasn’t supposed to be bad for humans but here he was, behaving like an animal. He was acting like he craved blood and sex. Two things I would never willingly give my older brother. Tears streaked down my face and I finally found the strength to toss my head back and forth, keeping his mouth off my neck.
I began to pray Dad would come home. I knew he wasn’t due back for a few more days, but if he walked in Zander would stop. I lifted my hands and pressed against his chest, digging my nails into his shirt in the hopes he would come to his senses. It was too dark to see in my bedroom with the lights off. My door was open, but Zander’s big body blocked any illumination from the hallway. He moved away the slightest bit and turned so I could finally see his face.
Where I’d expected to see my big brother, Zander, looking down at me, there was another nightmare in his place. Kurt laughed, his elongated canines dripping blood, and I screamed with every breath left in me. He looked down into my eyes and laughed again.
“Now I’ve got you right where I want you, Zee.”
I screamed again until I realized it was just a nightmare.



-Missy Jane

*Make reading a guilty pleasure…*


3 Responses to “Day Shift by Missy Jane”

  1. Dawn says:

    I really enjoyed Day Shift!

  2. Jay says:

    Oh wow! Now I must read the rest. It looks like this book has more turns than a mountain road.

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