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Ending the Heart series

By On Nov 18 2011, 6:36 am

It's bittersweet when I come to the end of a series. While I love to see each character get their happy ending, I'm sad because I won't be with the characters anymore. I tend to get attached.

I'll be publishing the last book in my Heart series, ENDLESS HEART, with Samhain in May 2012. This is the third book in a series and I'm thrilled to pieces to have Samhain as the publisher of the third book.

This is by far, the most gut-wrenching, emotional book of the three. I put a piece of my heart into every book and this one got a piece of my soul too. It's a story of redemption, of finding your way out of a dark hole you've fallen into.

Most of writing is historical western, and ENDLESS HEART is no exception. Set in the mythical town of Forestville, Wyoming, it completes the circle of stories of three women who left a life they didn't choose, to find the life they did.

Lettie, the heroine, is probably the character with the toughest shell I've ever written. She's angry at a lot of things, and at the same time, scared of everything. Her story is one of healing, of forgiveness and taking a chance.

Shane, the hero, is a rock bottom wreck. A man who has been literally swimming at the bottom of the barrel. He made mistakes, many of them, and suffered the consequences to the extreme. His story is one of forgiveness, redemption and remembering how to live.

I love this book and I hope you will too. Lettie and Shane have a part of me in each of them.


2 Responses to “Ending the Heart series”

  1. [...] can catch me over at the Samhain blog today talking about ENDLESS HEART. Have a great weekend [...]

  2. I’m sad to see this series end too! The first two books were so good, and I’m glad as well that Samhain is publishing the third book. I thought the first two books were emotional, so for you to say this one is even more so….I can’t wait!

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