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What makes a hero?

By On Jan 30 2012, 6:00 am

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I'll be the first to admit that some of my heroes can act a little less than heroic. I'm not talking about not being willing to put their lives at risk for someone they love. I'm talking about not being pleasant to be around, not being good friends or good boyfriends. I love someone rough around the edges who just doesn't get it. Or someone who hears the heroine say no, but doesn't want to listen. The fun part for me as a writer is to take someone that raw and stubborn and teach him how to be the man the heroine needs.

In True Heart, True Wyatt was just such a man. The strong silent type with a huge case of grumpy. The trick was to figure out what made him that way, and as it turns out, this big, strong cowboy had a huge insecurity. He didn't believe he had what it took to make a woman happy. He'd failed in his first marriage, so when he meets erotica writer, Honey Cahill, he's slow to make his move, not trusting himself to go about it right.

In steps little brother who has more experience pleasing women. True almost let her get away, but in the end, stepped up and made Honey his own. Which left little brother in the cold. Well, no more.

Lone Wyatt had his own journey to make, far away from his brother and the woman he gave up to make his brother happy. Lone Heart releases tomorrow. Now, you'll get to see the "rest of the story."

So, for me, what makes a hero? A selfless act. The man can be imperfect, bull-headed, stubborn as a mule, but when he puts the woman first, he proves what he's made of.

* * *

When temptation catches fire, saddle up and hang on for the ride.

Lone Wyatt is a long way from his Colorado home. After his brother married the woman they both loved, he figured it’d be best if he was out of the way. He’d like to have his own one-and-only, but he’s in no rush. Until he saunters into a small Oklahoma town and spots Charli Kudrow. One wary glance from her haunted eyes, and he knows there’s hidden fire inside her just waiting to erupt. And he’s ready to tear through every objection she can think up.

Charli intends to slip out of Shooters unnoticed as soon as she’s done pinning a help wanted notice to the bulletin board. But there’s a cowboy at the bar with a killer smile who seems hell-bent on seducing her. And she feels something she hasn’t felt in five long years of widowhood—a spark of attraction. Thinking she’ll never see him again, she succumbs to temptation, only to discover that little “spark” is more like a raging wildfire.

One weekend is all he asks. One weekend to prove there’s more between them than just blazing hot sex…

Warning: Sometimes, love happens in an instant, but it takes a lot of sexin’ up to make one stubborn woman a believer.


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