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New eBooks Available on SALE February 7, 2012!

By On Feb 7 2012, 8:00 am


What's New in eBook at Samhain!
Publication Date: February 7, 2012

The Dragon Stirs The Dragon Stirs by Lynda Aicher
Genre: Shape-shifters, Post-Apocalyptic
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-60928-718-4, Series: Energen
Price: $3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

The energy might bind them, but their love could save us all…

Energen, Book 1

When Shifter Airiana Draco volunteers to scout the enemy’s compound, her family thinks it's to prove herself. In truth, she wants answers. Plagued with doubt and a secret shame, she hungers to learn more about the Energens, the people who have opposed the Shifters since the beginning of time. But getting captured wasn't in her plans.

Energen Loukianos Aeros has always wondered about his exiled older brother who was accused of aiding their mortal enemy, the Shifters, long before Louk was born. Now, the answers Louk seeks are within his grasp when he stumbles upon a beautiful enemy spy right outside his door.

Forced together by the energy, Airiana and Louk are unprepared for the sudden attraction as they struggle to gain the answers they seek. As the danger builds and their lives are threatened, they must learn to trust the energy and each other. But are they strong enough to challenge all they were raised to believe or will the pressure cause them to turn on the one truth they can’t deny?

The time is coming when earth will be changed forever. The dragon is rising and with the joining of The Two, he stirs.

Product Warnings: Mix two opposing forces with some elemental powers, add in a little shove from the energy and you get earth-shattering sex, one angry dragon, and a world that is altered forever.

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!

The Iron Heart The Iron Heart by Leslie Dicken
Genre: Steampunk
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-634-7
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

His greatest creation could be the death of them both.

One woman swears to avenge the savagery of a ruthless killer loose on the streets of Lundun; if only she can stay one step ahead of an inventor who fears that his greatest work, a labor of love, has turned on humanity.

Grieving the loss of her beloved cousin, Ella Wilder is determined to catch the murderer. Infuriated by the fumblings of the constable, she seeks the assistance of a handsome noble who seems to be looking for his own answers, and whose reluctance tells her he has something to hide. Over time, hesitant intimacy grows into fiery passion but brings them no closer to finding the madman.

As the killer reveals darker inventions that blur the boundary between man and machine, Ella fights the fear he may be after her next. Can Ella trust her heart to the man who refuses to share his secrets yet swears to protect her? Will Bennett be able to choose between keeping terrifying family secrets…or losing Ella to the iron-hearted killer who stalks the night?

Product Warnings: This book contains a dirigible, flying machines, automatons, a sexy but secretive hero, a stubborn heroine, and a very determined killer.

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!

Cowboys Down Cowboys Down by Barbara Elsborg
Genre: Red Hots!!!, Cowboys, Gay Contemporary
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-753-5
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

Stockbroker meets stock breaker. But who’s taming whom?

London stockbroker Jasper Randolph flies to Jackson Hole with hopes as high as the Grand Tetons. Hope that the getaway will force him to let loose, get dirty, and overcome a deep-seated phobia about horseback riding.

He hadn’t counted on an attraction to the dude ranch owner’s son, a man with sun-tousled hair, eyes bluer than Wyoming skies…and a father who’d rather eat tofu than accept his only son’s sexuality.

The moment Calum lays eyes on the uptight, buttoned-down Brit, he’s lost. But with his own saddlebags full of emotional baggage, he knows he should be looking at anything but Jasper’s spotless riding boots and tight-fitting jodhpurs. Trouble is, Jasper makes his heart buck like a wild horse trying to break free.

Despite the differences that set them oceans apart, they fall hard and fast. Trouble isn’t far behind, and they’re in for a rocky romantic ride. Especially since there’s growing evidence that someone is willing to do anything—no matter how dangerous—to poison their love.

Product Warnings: Mix one sun-bronzed cowboy with a yummy Brit who’d give Darcy in his wet shirt a run for his money. Mix gently. Try not to drool.

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!

Off Limits Off Limits by Emma Jay
Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-60928-578-4
Price: $3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

Don’t look. Don’t touch. Definitely don’t want.

There’s no boundary Zach Purser won’t push. Three-ways, four-ways, sex clubs, he’s tried it all. It’s all about the freedom, but lately he’s had the nagging feeling that something is missing.

At a friend’s engagement party, he spots the missing piece all tied up one hot little package of a woman. Trouble is, she’s his best friend Adam’s baby sister. Adam knows all of Zach’s dirty secrets. Which means if he even thinks about touching her, he’s dead.

Paige Clark has crushed on Zach since she grew breasts, but he’s never so much as glanced her way. Until now. She knows desire when she sees it, and Zach’s eyes burn with that unmistakable heat. Finally, she’s got his attention—now if only she can get him to act on it.

Zach tries his best to push her away, but she doesn’t push back, she pulls—tumbling them both over the edge of resistance and right into bed. Panic isn’t far behind. Now he’s stuck between a big brother who’d like to bust his nose, and a woman who’s gotten under his skin. And of all the things he’s tried, romance isn’t one of them…

Product Warnings: A bad boy who can’t follow rules, a woman determined to lead him astray, a big brother with a hell of a right cross, and a smoking-hot sex-club seduction.

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!

Foreign Affair Foreign Affair by Shelli Stevens
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-557-9
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

Revenge can be sweet…and oh so sexy.

Lena Richards’s whirlwind vacation to Europe with a friend is a welcome chance to shake her pre-wedding jitters—until she learns her high-school sweetheart is cheating on her, Hawaiian-style. Figuring all’s fair, she indulges in a fling of her own with a sexy New Yorker she meets in Amsterdam whose kiss blows her mind—and the lid off her hormones.

Tyler Bentz is wary that the petite bombshell, who only a short time ago insisted their one kiss must never happen again, has done a complete 180. His questions only make it clear she’s interested in probing of the sexual kind. Who is he to turn her down?

As they burn their way across Europe, something shifts, and it’s not just the earth moving with their exploding passion. Lena begins to realize what it really means to fall in love. And Tyler finds himself tumbling hard and fast.

Reality catches up with them in Paris, leaving Tyler to wonder if Lena’s really the one, or if he’s nothing more to her than a pawn in her game of revenge.

This book has been previously released.

Product Warnings: Americans misbehaving in Europe. An attraction more potent than any drug Amsterdam has to offer. A fling that breaks all the rules. And the creative, sensual use of Chinese takeout.

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!


Genesis of Evil Genesis of Evil by Nile J. Limbaugh
Genre: Horror
Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-60928-736-8
Price: $4.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

Something unholy is waiting!

Shopping should be fun, especially in the shiny new mall just completed in this Florida coastal town. But something strange is happening to those who go there. At first it seems like nothing more than malicious pranks. The dessert chef who mixes a laxative into the chocolate mousse. The middle-aged lady who urinates on the changing room floor. But things steadily change from prank and theft to murder and mutilation. Something evil and deadly has taken residence in the mall—and in the minds of the customers. Now the Chief of Police, helped by a beautiful young woman with telekinesis and a team of paranormal researchers, must stop this unseen menace that is growing more powerful by the minute. But with the evil beginning to spread, is it already too late?

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!
B-Movie Reels B-Movie Reels by Alan Spencer
Genre: Horror
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-737-5
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

Off of the screen and out for blood!

Andy Ryerson, a film school graduate, has been hired to write commentary on two dozen cheap, b-horror movies. It seems harmless enough, and he might even enjoy it. But the people in the town around him won’t enjoy it at all when one by one, the films he watches come to life. Andy chose the wrong projector to screen his movies. This one is out for blood. While Andy grumbles about low budgets and poor production values, a hungry butcher, a plague of rotting zombies, demonic vampires, a mallet-toting killer, flesh-eating locusts, and many other terrors descend on the unsuspecting innocent. By the time he realizes what he’s done, the town is teeming with evil, and it’s up to Andy and the few survivors left to stop the celluloid horror he’s unleashed.

Read an excerpt and BUY at Samhain!

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