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New eBooks on SALE! March 20, 2012 releases

By On Mar 20 2012, 5:24 pm


What's New in eBook at Samhain!
Publication Date: March 20, 2012

Haevyn Haevyn by Darcy Abriel
Genre: Kink/BDSM, Ménage & More, Gay Alternate Worlds
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-863-1, Series: Humanotica
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

Duty and honor demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Humanotica, Book 2

Everyone has their poison. For Haevyn Breina, it’s her inability to resist a dare. This time it’s a challenge from her friend and lover, Grisha, to sneak into the popular, illegal cage fights that always end in all-male orgies. Eagerly she snaps up the gauntlet, unaware that she will end the night forever changed.

When expatriate humanotic warrior Entreus locks eyes with Haevyn at the sex-fueled event, he is instantly captivated. Despite a duty that binds him to an exiled malevolent sorcerer, he seeks her out in a shattering, illuminating encounter.

Grisha’s plan is in motion—to bring both his warrior lovers together and heal their scarred souls with a combined passion that he alone cannot provide. But Haevyn’s tormented past refuses to die. And Entreus will not rest until the Core that ruined his life is destroyed.

Amid ever-tangling emotions and a brutal plot to take over the city, the three lovers walk a tightrope that could be cut at any moment. Fighting for justice, bound by duty…and a love that could alter the foundations of their world.

Product Warnings: Watch out for oiled-up, naked trinespined warriors battling for top position, feisty tracer females that fit oh-so-snugly in between, and sexy nights that segue into complex relationships. Beware of tebitcheckers wielding those nasty little contulators at illegal, testosterone-drenched cage confrontations.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Worth the Scandal Worth the Scandal by Karen Erickson
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-774-0, Series: Worth It
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

Strictly business? Try telling that to her heart…

Worth It, Book 1

Alexander Worth, President and CEO of Worth Luxury Goods, is a man never to be crossed. His unwavering sense of responsibility to the family business requires him to always be in complete and utter control. Until it comes to Tessa Crawford.

She’s quietly professional, shy, voluptuous…and she works for him. Which means she is the one woman he must never touch, no matter how hard his gut twists with need for her.

After rising above her disadvantaged childhood, Tessa knows the last thing she should do is risk throwing it all away by falling into bed with her sexy boss. But on an extended European business trip, all self-imposed barriers burn away in the heat of their sizzling chemistry.

Once back home, though, whispers of corporate espionage turn into full-blown scandal—and Tessa finds out the hard way where Alex’s loyalties lie. Determined to soldier on, she picks herself up and carries on with a secret, yet welcomed burden. Never guessing that Alex will make a reappearance in her life, ready to show her once and for all that family does, indeed, come first.

Product Warnings: Contains a sweet-yet-strong woman, and a bossy alpha male brought to his knees by the woman he desperately loves. Involves enough begging and groveling that the reader may be tempted to “accidentally” leave it for her significant other to “find”. For instructional purposes only, of course!

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Natural Evil Natural Evil by Thea Harrison
Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifters
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-110-0, Series: Elder Races
Price: $3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

Attempted Murder. Passion. Betrayal. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

Claudia Hunter is on a road trip through the Nevada desert when she sees the body of a dog on the side of the highway. Pulling over to investigate, she quickly determines that the enormous animal is clinging to life. While working to save him with the help of the local vet, Claudia realizes there’s something about the creature that seems more. Other. Wyr. Which makes this case of animal cruelty attempted murder.

Too injured to shape shift, Luis Alvaraz is reluctant to tell Claudia what he knows about his attack, afraid it will only make her a target. But the sheriff is corrupt, and his attackers know Luis is alive and vulnerable. To make matters worse, a sandstorm is sweeping into town, and if they're going to survive the night, Luis will have to place all his trust in Claudia.

Product Warnings: Take a gorgeous man temporarily stuck in the dog house, add a strong, take-no-prisoners woman, mix in encroaching enemies and a raging sandstorm and stir to combine. Enjoy with a freshly opened can of whoop-ass.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Shadow Visions Shadow Visions by Gabriella Hewitt
Genre: Paranormal, Multicultural, Shape-shifters, Angels & Demons
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-60928-759-7, Series: Shadow Warriors
Price: $3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

When the last shadow warrior falls, so will all humanity.

Shadow Warriors, Book 2

A shadow warrior on a mission, Manuel must track down a demon who is sacrificing women marked with hummingbird tattoos. He is in danger of losing his humanity to his eagle spirit until he comes across Ixa Reyes, a beautiful San Diego detective working on the same case, who also bears the mark of the Aztec sun god. She is his salvation and redemption from a past filled with failure. Only she wants nothing to do with him or her heritage.

When a demon kidnaps her grandfather, the wind god, they must work together to save him and all mankind. Manuel has twenty-four hours to help Ixa control her elemental power over wind—that is if he can control his own desires to claim her body and soul. Because if he should fail this time, the god of war will usher in a new era filled with blood and destruction such as the world has never known.

Product Warnings: This story contains an ancient Aztec warrior struggling to control the beast within, a heroine more than able to match his strength, demons out for their very souls, and a battle that may very well determine the fate of all humanity.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Bobby Bobby by Cat Johnson
Genre: Western, Cowboys, Men In Uniform
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-60928-642-2, Series: Red, Hot, & Blue
Price: $3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

When the reality TV cameras stop rolling, things really start to heat up.

Red, Hot & Blue, Book 6

Deputy Sheriff Bobby Barton agrees to put up with a reality TV show in his town for two reasons: it’ll be good for local business, and the producers promise to keep out of his. Except the show keeps creeping into his personal life. Plus, against his better judgment, he finds himself hoping that the show's assistant producer, Christy Dunne, will creep into his bed.

Christy never mixed business with pleasure, but Bobby has her breaking all her own rules. When she makes a decision that can cost her job, suddenly she’s scrambling to keep her career from crashing. Though landing in Bobby’s bed might make it worth all the uproar.

With cameras all over town, a meddling executive producer manipulating everyone's lives, their own scruples getting in the way, and the show’s deadline looming, Bobby and Christy can’t think about love.

Then again, how can they not?

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Product Warnings: Contains one sexy, brooding, overprotective officer of the law who uses his handcuffs for more than catching criminals.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Everything You've Got Everything You've Got by Erin Nicholas
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-956-0, Series: Anything & Everything
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

A girl, a guy, a set of handcuffs… What more could happily ever after possibly need?

Anything & Everything, Book 2

Luke Hamilton’s requirements for the perfect woman are straightforward: live, work and play in his beloved hometown—and get along with his mother. Dr. Kat Dayton’s got it all. And Luke’s noticed. It’s obvious to him that his long-time friend belongs with him, especially after the world-rocking kiss she lays on him at his birthday party.

While Kat can’t deny she’s imagined a kiss like that—and more—for years, she’s less convinced they’re destined for happily ever after. Still, Luke figures that’s nothing a friendly kidnapping and a three-day road trip won’t fix.

Kat would love to let Luke in, but if he discovers the truth—that committee meetings bore her to tears and she’d rather have a root-canal than go to another potluck—his white-picket-fence dreams will be crushed.

Being stuck in an RV with Luke should be three days of flirtatious fun, but for Kat it’s heavenly hell. The close confines and good old-fashioned lust are making a mockery of her perfect-woman façade, and if he finds out about the mistake that might cost her job—and force her to leave town for good—it’ll take more than a sexy pair of handcuffs to keep him close.

Product Warnings: Contains a man who's willing to do anything for the perfect woman, an RV and surprise road-trip to help him prove it, and a woman who's wondering just what the hell she's gotten into.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!



Carried Away Carried Away by Kate Donovan
Genre: Retro Historical
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-012-7, Series: Happily Ever After Company
Price: $3.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.79

His ship, his rules…

The Happily Ever After Company, Book 2

Russell Braddock, founder of The Happily Ever After Company, always hopes his matches will result in flying sparks. But in this case they could ignite an inferno he can’t control.

Neglected by her handsome but practical fiancé, Erica Lane channels her romantic fantasies into finding a dashing, adventurous husband for her friend, Sara. To her delight, the mail-order-bride company she consults quickly finds the perfect mate—for Sara, of course. But when Sara balks, Erica must take things into her own hands and journey to the prospect’s Caribbean hideaway, hoping that her fiancé will be moved to pursue her and finally declare his undying love.

Captain Daniel McCallum was trapped by a pretty bride once, and he won’t be making that mistake again. But Erica’s wild auburn locks, tantalizing body and infectious laugh drive him wild with desire. The honorable thing to do is return the Boston beauty to her intended. If they happen to get carried away during the voyage…well, it’s his ship, isn’t it?

This title was previously published.

Product Warnings: Contains a sheltered city heroine who daydreams out loud, and a lusty sailor with an eye for things that shine—when it comes to treasure, and women.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Southern Hospitality Southern Hospitality by Sally Falcon
Genre: Retro Contemporary
Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-60928-987-4
Price: $2.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.09

In this battle of North vs. South, love is the true winner.

When Northerner Logan Harrington meets Southerner Tory Planchet, sparks immediately fly. Forced to leave his beloved Boston for the South—Arkansas, no less—Logan has no idea what Tory sees in the place. His assignment to write about the Rally Car circuit is preposterous, and he has no problem letting everyone, including Tory, know it.

As far as Tory’s concerned, Logan Harrington can’t leave town fast enough. From the tip of his blond head, to the bottom of his polished shoes, he screams arrogance. How could her father possibly know his family? And if Logan expected her to be a sweet Southern magnolia blossom, he was sorely mistaken. In fact, with her, he’s going to get a taste of Southern Hospitality he’ll never forget.

This book was previously published by Kismet Books in July 1990.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Love and Fury Love and Fury by Patricia Hagan
Genre: Retro Historical
Length: Plus Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-993-5, Series: The Coltrane Saga
Price: $4.99 Limited time sale-priced for $3.49

The bestselling Coltrane saga continues with Travis and Kitty’s son, Colt.

The Coltrane Saga, Book 4

Colt’s long-lost half-sister Dani was raised somewhere in Europe, and he hasn’t seen her in fourteen years. But now he has to find her in order to learn what she plans to do with her share of the family fortune. Too bad the evil and conniving Gavin Mason has found someone to impersonate Dani so he can get his hands on the money.

Briana de Paul is willing to go along with the ruse because she needs help for her ailing brother. But it is forbidden love at first sight between Colt and Briana, as he struggles to keep his desire under control. However, one moon-swept night, they yield to their passion, and Briana is forced to admit how she tricked him into believing they were kin.

On a quest to find the real Dani before Mason can, Colt and Briana are swept from the rugged deserts of Nevada to forbidden Parisian nights, from the wintry Alps to magnificent Monaco mansions, where they suffer untold danger and incredible intrigue as they fight for a love that no man can destroy.

This book was originally published by Avon Books in September 1986

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Gray Hawk's Lady Gray Hawk's Lady by Karen Kay
Genre: Retro Historical
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-974-4, Series: Blackfoot Warriors
Price: $3.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.79

Different worlds, one heart.

Blackfoot Warriors, Book 1

When Lady Genevieve Rohan joins her father in the farthest reaches of the American West, she expects to bring a bit of genteel English charm to his dry, academic existence. Instead, she finds her father desperately ill, and it’s up to her to finish his study of the Indian and publish his work—or face the wrath of his creditors.

Her troubles mount when the men hired to capture a member of the Blackfoot tribe don’t bring her a docile maid to study. They present her with a magnificent warrior—proud, outrageously handsome and simmering with fury at the loss of his freedom.

The white woman is beautiful beyond compare, but Gray Hawk can’t think past his plan to exact revenge against this meddling foreigner. It’s ridiculously easy to escape, then turn the tables and take her captive. When anger turns to passion, then to love, he embarks on a new quest. To claim the stubborn, red-headed vixen as his own.

Yet as their hearts strain toward each other, pride conspires to pull them apart…unless they can each find a way for their hearts to become one.

This book has been previously published.

Product Warnings: Contains a raging, simmering love, consumed by its fire and destined to explode at any moment.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

High-Riding Heroes High-Riding Heroes by Joey Light
Genre: Retro Contemporary
Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-61921-002-8
Price: $2.99 Limited time sale-priced for $2.09

After a most unusual inheritance, Victoria Clay is bound for Glory! Glory Town, Oklahoma, that is.

To her shock, Victoria Clay was willed one half of Glory Town, a restored Oklahoma village where tourists gather to experience the excitement of the Wild West. Captivated by the spirit and splendor of the tourist town, Victoria is determined to embrace her new life in the “Old” West.

Wes Cooper resembles the gunslingers that wow the tourists every day—but Wes is the real thing. Hired to teach the men how to shoot and rope and ride, he isn’t going to leave Glory Town until his job is done. Too bad Victoria resents his every decision.

Sparks fly between Victoria and Wes as they battle for control of Glory Town…and the sharp desire that burns between them.

This book was originally published by Kismet in March, 1993.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!


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