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A Book by any Other Name is Not as Interesting

By On Apr 19 2012, 9:00 am

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Whenever inspiration for a new book hits me it comes in many forms. Sometimes I'll hear a phrase and think it would make a good title, then I'm stuck trying to create a story to match. One thing I've noticed about titles is how they usually match their genres. I've actually stood in the bookstore laughing as I peruse the Romance shelves, and realize this may be why some poeple still snub the genre as a whole. I'm not saying they should and I certainly have no qualms about purchasing a book with Sex in the title, but I can see how others might. So as I was strolling through Samhain's virtual book aisles a few really jumped out at me.

Grill Me Baby by Sophia Knightly is a great title. It made me laugh out loud and I loved the cover, but I can see how accidentally coming across this book while looking for grilling tips might not be a good thing. Nailed to the Wall by Jayne Rylon certainly isn't a home improvement book, I don't think, but looks to be a hot read. Suck and Blow by Lexxie Couper…yeah, I got nothing. I would love to read it though. Ride to Ecstasy by Ann Cory. Is this one about horseback riding perhaps? Umm, no I don't think so. But it too has a great cover and is definitely on my to be read list.

Since so many poeple judge books by their covers, do you think they also judge by their titles? I do and have found that some people who look at my titles do too. At a recent book event, copies of They Call Me Death certainly grabbed more male attention than female. But then the guys saw the paranormal romance on my sign and quickly turned away. Le sigh. 

-Missy Jane

*Make reading a guilty pleasure…*


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