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Snorkeling is like reading … really!

By On Apr 11 2012, 12:00 am

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I recently spent 11 days in Kona, Hawaii with my husband and fellow adventurer. 

The beautiful Big Island is rimmed with rugged lava shores, making it less attractive to those who insist on sandy beaches. But, more attractive to those of us who love to spy on the inhabitants of Hawaii's turquoise oceans.

Yes, there are lovely beaches here–Hapuna is one of the prettiest stretches of white sand you'll find in the tropics. Great place to stroll with your toes in the sand, play in the surf and toast your skin a darker shade of gold. You can body surf at Magic Sand Beach, watch turtles at Black Sand Beach.

But the predominantly rocky shores of this newest of the islands mean there is less sand rolling in the surf, and thus the water is clearer–better for snorkeling and diving. Ah, bliss. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs, full of a dazzling array of tropical fishes, eels, turtles, and even dolphins and … sharks.


I love the tropical fish. Following a brightly hued parrot fish or humuhumunukunukuapua'a through the reef is my idea of sheer fun. A turtle or a sly, spotted eel is a bonus.

This trip–only three days ago–my husband and I got to swim with the spinner dolphins that come into Honaunau Bay to rest mid-day. If one is quiet, and simply floats on the surface, not following or harrassing these lovely creatures, they will sometimes choose to come very close when they rise for a breath. Having a pair or trio come rocketing up from the depths, pausing for an inquisitive look from their bright, merry eyes is a nearly spiritual experience.

We also, cruising through the reef, met a shark! Well, a sleeping shark, anyway. The white tipped reef shark, basking under a coral arch, wasn't nearly as excited as we were with the encounter. Now I can say I met a shark, and I don't have to shudder with remembered dread each time I recall it, lol.

And, being that I'm a writer … well, you knew this was coming, right? I was drawn to the parallel between snorkeling and reading a good book. There are all levels of involvement, from cruising lightly, enjoying the characters who move through the pages, to being so involved that we have bodily reactions–tears, a pounding heart, even such fear or excitement we must read on and on to discover what happens!

And we never know who'll we'll meet when we open up that new book, never know how exciting a journey it will be. Whether we'll fall in love, be deliciously scared, or have a heart-thumping sensual experience.

Kind of like putting on a snorkel mask and diving into another world.

I hope you'll join me in my favorite place, the Big Island, and enjoy a red hot romance, Hawaiian style with Hawaiian Heroes; Walking in Fire.

To win a FREE copy, along with some great tropical bling, stop by my website and click on the Night Owl Reviews Spring Fling link.

Aloha, Cathryn


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