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Hello Shane and Lettie

By On May 29 2012, 8:07 pm

Today marks the release day for ENDLESS HEART, by far one of the most emotional books I've ever written. ENDLESS HEART is my 32nd digital release, and my 22nd novel published. That excites me as much as it humbles me. I'm extremely grateful to my publishers, my editors, my agent and most importantly, my readers.

As I write a story, I throw myself into the story headfirst and ENDLESS HEART was no exception. Lettie Brown first appeared in RUTHLESS HEART. She's a hard-ass who rarely bends and never seems to break. In RESTLESS HEART, she stepped further into the spotlight and let me see who she truly was.

She's a survivor, someone who has endured and emerged on the other side. Yet she is bitter, lonely and oh so unhappy. She is fiercely loyal to Angeline and the Gundersons, giving everything to protect them.

She needed her own story. I don't think I ever wrote a heroine who was as damaged as Lettie. She fought me until I found Shane Murphy, a man who was farther down into the darkness than she was.

Shane, oh Shane, a man who was damaged by war, by his own decisions and his own guilt. He was the perfect man for for Lettie because he needed her.

ENDLESS HEART is the third of the Heart series book. An emotional, intense book that led me on a journey. When I read it now, I still cry.

What does that all mean? I think we all know people who feel inadequate, who fight with their self-esteem, and never quite reach the point where they can forgive themselves. Lettie and Shane were such people until they found each other.

The dedication to the book is as follows…

This book is dedicated to all of us who have made mistakes, who have felt the pain of our own shortcomings and the pinch of being unable to forgive ourselves. It’s not who we were or what we did, it’s who we are and what we do.

I hope y'all enjoy ENDLESS HEART, and go on a journey to forgiveness, redemption and a deep love that could only be formed in its purest form. And yes, there is a happy ever after that left me feeling as though I had triumphed over adversity myself. It's like walking out into a spring rain and raising your face to the sky. Life and love always find a way.


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