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Never Get Caught in the Middle of a Vampire War

By On May 19 2012, 1:57 pm

Todd and Joy Dunbar and their scruffy kids stumble into Babylon, Michigan on gas fumes. It’s the Great Recession, and Todd is understandably suspicious of the warm welcome and job offers given them by the police officer who pulls them off the road and into the seedy Sundown Motel. The Dunbars soon discovers that all of the ragged travelers who find their way to Babylon find work.

The town isn’t so inviting to wealthy but disgraced investment banker Paul Highsmith and his young family. They receive an offer they’d better not refuse—sell their home and get out.

The fate of both groups is in the hands of warring vampire clans who’ve settled the remote town for a century. That’s what Paul learns in a blood-chilling, all-night epic tale by ancient clan leader Miles Drake. Paul’s family’s only chance is to join up with the Dunbars and other shady “Sundowners,” and share their fight for survival.

The attack comes from forces of the day and the night. The besieged must go on the offensive—or continue to watch their numbers dwindle. Only the strong will survive the siege of the Sundown Motel. The harvesting has begun.

BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON is an epic horror tale that's received glowing reviews from Famous Monsters of Filmland ("The characters of this story are well fleshed out, which makes the action matter that much more once the fangs start flying."), Rue Morgue Magazine ("Intelligent and frightening, Searls delivers a satiating Salem’s Lot-style page-turner.") and Shattered Ravings ("Searls weaves an intricate web of dark intentions and even darker actions…").

Now available in trade papberback, BLOODTHIRST IN BABYLON is the second of my three published (or soon-to-be) horror novels. Samhain will release MALEVOLENT in ebook format in July and in trade paperback later in the year. Please visit for more information. And thank you, from the bottom of my dark, dark heart.


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