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Turning Toward Home

By On May 29 2012, 11:57 pm

I always look forward to coming home, whether from a day at work, a business trip or even a long awaited vacation. No matter how wonderful the weather, activities, and shopping, my home is my haven. It’s my place, with my kitchen, my décor, photos of my family and my office, set up just for me to write and run my author business. Everything I need is right there.

But what happens when home suddenly becomes a place two states away, where I haven’t lived for years?

The Big Sky Country is my original home. I’m a fourth generation Montanan, from sturdy pioneer and ranching stock. That’s where my family history is—out where the mountains are taller, the wild animals more plentiful, and the wind blows free across the prairie. Where cowboy hats outnumber fedoras, and most pickup trucks have a gun rack in the rear window. Where it snows all winter, and summer is hot and dry—once it finally gets started. (Don’t look for it before July 4th.) Early fall, a time of hazy sunny days and cool nights, is called Indian Summer. And spring? Well, don’t blink, you’ll miss it entirely.

My mom is there, and now that she’s alone, my husband and I are going back to share her semi-rural home on a property with a view of three mountain ranges and a big reservoir.
I’ve called Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Oregon home, as well as Montana. The state that’s been called the Last Best Place. Funny how it still feels like … home. I guess it always will, even though the last several years we’ve lived in the lush, green, and temperate Pacific Northwest, just across the river from the beautiful city Portland, Oregon and not so far from the Pacific Ocean.

You can probably tell I’m going home with a mixture of regret and happiness. Glad to go back to my cowgirl roots, and sorry to leave the place I live, the life and friends we’ve made here. I’ll pack up my cozy home, and move it across the mighty Columbia and the Rockies, to the Big Sky.

Did you know moving is one of the top five life stressors, right up there between the death of a loved one and public speaking? So, during the transition, I’ll do what I always do. Hide in a great romance whenever I get a spare moment. Shyeah, sorry if you were waiting for something more inspirational. I’m a true introvert. Love people, new places and things, but then I have to get back to my quiet center to re-charge. I’ll be turning to my old friends, romance novels.

And here’s the cool thing! Since I’m a writer, I get to create romantic worlds that are the perfect escape for me, and go there each time I sit down to write. Currently, that’s Hawaii. My Hawaiian Heroes series debuted April 10 with Walking in Fire. The saga continues in July with Rolling in the Deep, and I’m currently writing the third book in the series, set to debut in November. The Ho’omalu family calls Kona, Hawaii home. I know their story home so well that I love to go there with them.

For an excerpt from Walking in Fire and Rolling in the Deep, stop by my author page here at Samhain. I hope you'll want to visit the hot, sexy, tropical world of the Big Island. 

I’m so glad we talked. Well, glad you listened, lol. Because I am reminded that even when our lives are in upheaval, we can find a little bit of home in a great story. In fact, isn’t that why we love romance? The thrill of discovery, the sweetness of love, followed by the certainty that at the end we'll find the heroine and her hero turning toward home.

What romances do you pull out when you’re stressed, and need the comfort of a well-loved story world? I’d love to know.

In fact, one commenter here will receive a FREE copy of Walking in Fire.

best, Cathryn


2 Responses to “Turning Toward Home”

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  2. There’s love of your childhood home in your words, and your mom is there. That’s a treasure beyond words. I’ll miss your smiling face but new adventures on the horizon are always good. You know what nurtures you and that’s what makes you a wonderful writer.

    I’ve been to Hawaii twice and still have not had the opportunity to connect with the mystery of the islands. That’s why your Hawaiian Heroes series is on my TBR list for this summer. Enjoy creating your new home in Montana!

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