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Who’s Your Superhero?

By On May 16 2012, 8:58 am

On Mother’s Day, my family took me to see The Avengers. I loved the movie, but I kept wondering where Wolverine was. Yes, I know he’s not technically a superhero…or is he?

Whether the superhero was The Hulk, The Iron Man, or Captain America, isn’t the main idea that he’s there when you need him? A superhero rises to the occasion, even when his heart may not be totally into it (Can you hear me, Iron Man?) or because his nature (Hello, Hulk) turns into an asset when aliens are attacking. But aren’t most supernatural romance men made of the same stuff, too? They have the right stuff, if you will.

All superheroes and supernatural romance heroes have one thing in common. Personally, it’s the thing that makes me, and I suspect a lot of women, love them even more. They all have a character flaw. Take The Hulk versus the Wolverine. Each man is strong with a bit of an anger management problem. But down deep, they’re both nice guys you can trust them to keep the world safe by grabbing the bad guy by the leg and bashing him around. Okay, Wolverine would’ve slashed Loki’s face off instead of bashing him left and right, but it’s all the same in the end. The good guys win.

I’d like to think the paranormal heroes in my books are superheroes, too. Maybe they aren’t saving the world, but they’re still the man the heroine turns to when she needs someone to help her through everything from trust issues to fighting the villain in her lif. My latest superhero is werewolf Tucker Manning in Betting the Moon (Cannon Pack, book 4). He’s not out to save the world or even to meet the woman of his dreams. But when he does meet her, he’s the one who saves her from the vampire bad guy. He’s flawed, but strong. He’s cocky, but sensitive when the heroine needs him to be. He’s a good guy mixed with an element of bad thrown in to make him interesting. So, yes,  he’s a superhero in my eyes.

So tell me. Who’s your superhero? Would you choose an Avenger or a supernatural romance hero?

Beverly Rae


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