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Today’s a special day!

By On Jun 12 2012, 3:00 am

Yes, it's release day! Sweet Deal is out today, and I am excited about that!

But today's special for another reason:  my daughter's coming home!

My beautiful baby girl (okay, she's 22, not exactly a baby any more) has been going to university in France for the last six months. It's an incredible opportunity for her but it's been a little bit hard on her mom. I can't tell you how proud I am of her. It took months of planning through both the universities, here and in France, getting her student visa, taking care of all the paperwork etc., booking flights, finding an apartment to live in and then finding her way around a strange city. She speaks French, having gone to French immersion school right through high school, but even so being in a different country with a different language isn't easy. Also, she left her boyfriend here for six months, which is not easy when you're young and in love. And it seems their relationship survived, too.

We emailed and Skyped and talked on the phone to keep in touch and she updated us about her school work and the friends she was making and her *ahem* busy social life. We even got to go visit her in May, nearing the end of her time there. I had a little mom moment when we were sitting in her apartment our first night there and she was serving me a glass of wine and making me dinner…in HER apartment. She's all grown up! I got a little choked up about that.

Now she's really fluently bilingual. She's made friends from all over Europe. She's traveled around Europe and seen Spain, England, Germany, Italy and Greece. She's had an amazing six months.

And today she'll be home.

Truthfully, having a semi-empty next hasn't been so bad. I've had a little more freedom to write. Actually, my writing has probably kept me sane, otherwise I would have worried myself sick for the last six months! Now she and her brother will be fighting over the car and she'll be car pooling to work with me to her summer job and making me late…But I'm happy she's coming home. Really.

This has really nothing to do with my new release! Over the next weeks I'm on a big blog tour and I'll be talking about my trip to France and giving out some French goodies I brought back, and maybe even talking a little about Sweet Deal, so I hope you'll watch for my posts and interviews and giveaways!


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