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My Real Life Idiosyncrasy

By On Jul 25 2012, 9:00 am definition: 1: a peculiarity of physical or mental constitution or temperament; and 2: individual hypersensitiveness (as to a drug or food).

Yup, that's what I'm talking about, specifically number 2 – the individual hypersensitiveness in regards to food. I admittedly have a few of those and I'll spare you all of them but one – fish, which also happens to flumox most people.

I grew up at the beach, of course I eat fish…um, no, no I don't. In fact, I eat nothing that lives/lived in any type of water. There were no problems when I was very young. We used to chow down on abalone like there was no tomorrow. I remember combing the rocks for big ones in the morning, bringing them home, and frying them in the deep fryer that was a part of the stove for dinner. Anyway, it was all good and normal with the fish stuff until I hit the double digits, and from there it was war.

My mom made sure I ate fish once a week and we made an agreement to get it done with little hassle: I had to eat without comment or complaint for 5 minutes and could smother it in whatever I wanted to get it down. Done. Swordfish and shark are two I remember having to eat like that, but I'm sure there were others. Once I hit 18, the agreement was null and void, and I haven't had fish since…well, except for clam chowder, which doesn't really count…

Let me explain. I LOVE chowder! Corn chowder is my all time favorite, but when a restaurant does clam chowder, I'll order it and leave the clams behind. The other day I went to the kitchen to make lunch and nothing was getting my attention. I went onto Facebook and looked at the posted menu for our local sandwich shop, and it was clam chowder day. Done. I called up, ordered a bowl to go, and drove down in the rain and picked it up.

Yum, chowder, with the clams left for kitty or anyone else who may want them.

Abalone is rarely found on menus, but if I ever see one deep fried…I wonder if I'll try it?

Tilly Greene
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2 Responses to “My Real Life Idiosyncrasy”

  1. Virginia E says:

    Fried Abalone needs to be well pounded before it’s breaded and fried. Otherwise it’s about as tender as a chunk of volcanized rubber. Unfortunately, worldwide abalone populations are in decline. Several countries have banned or severely restricted harvesting wild abalone. Mariculture attempts have had mixed success with some spectacular complications. They were able to encourage spawning, but some diseases and parasite infections escaped from the cultured projects into the wild populations near CA, Australia, and New Zealand.

    With the bans, the price of abalone is sky high. If you can find it on a menu, it’s going to be prepared in a more high end manner than good old deep frying. They do have to recover those costs…

    One of my cousins was a professional ab diver before the 1997 So. California ban.

  2. Tilly.Greene says:

    Yup, that’s all very true and has been for a long long time, but I still look for it…more when we’re in Northern California than in the south as most the farms are up that way, like Monterey. My cutie found a tin of abalone in China once and asked if it would do…um, NO!

    Interesting about it being a diving job, we just walked out around the point at low tide and picked them up and yes, we spent forever on the back stairs pounding them, still look at mallets with that memory in mind, but the end result was so very tasty. In my mind, he lack of abalone was present long before the actual ban…I think they were late to implement that one.

    And to be hoenst, Virginia, I have a feeling any restaurant that has abalone on the menu will be more than happy to serve it however the customer asks because they want to recover the money :-)

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