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The End

By On Jul 21 2012, 9:00 am

I have to admit…as an author…those two words are probably my favorite in the entire English language. Why? Because it means my hard work, perseverance, cramped fingers, tired eyes and stiff neck from sitting too long were all worth it. Another story has been written, two (or three–hee hee) characters have found their happily ever after and a few more of the voices in my head have had their chance to be heard.

Yesterday, I wrote those two words. After which, I followed the same ritual that always comes at the end of a book. I stood up, stretched, looked around my house and thought “What the hell happened in here?” Then I always tidy up while grinning like a fool. My neighbors must honestly think I’m one of those women who actually enjoys cleaning. Once the house is in live-able condition again, I crack open a bottle of wine and release the world’s longest, happiest sigh. It’s a beautiful feeling.

This ending is also special because it’s a book I’m very excited about. Jayne Rylon and I are joining forces again for a sequel series to the Compass Brothers. The book I finished yesterday is Winter’s Thaw, the first book in the Compass Girls. The Compton brothers traveled the world only to discover that home is where the heart is. Ironically, fate has a way of giving people what frightens them most and for Silas, Seth, Sawyer, and Sam, it isn’t the big, bad world that brings them to their knees. It’s their headstrong, independent daughters. The Compass Girls series will span a single calendar year as Sienna, Hope, Jade, and Sterling search for their own happily ever after. Other books will include Hope Springs, Sizzlin’ Summer and Falling Softly. Winter’s Thaw is tentatively scheduled for a February 2013 release so keep an eye out on my website and in the Samhain store in the coming months for more details.


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