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Girl Blue

By On Aug 20 2012, 11:26 pm

GIRL BLUE, in one word—bizarre. The story revolves around an extraordinarily talented sculptor named Jeremy Copper. His specialty is carving nude women in stone. Jeremy is one of the best in the world at creating his female erotic statues. But Jeremy is dying and he wants to make his last creation his legacy. Girl Blue will be carved from a rare block of blue granite. What Jeremy doesn’t realize is this rare block of granite is “haunted” by the vengeful spirit of a woman who lived in the 1920s. Girl Blue is an erotic supernatural tale about Jeremy’s quest for perfection. No matter how many more novels I write, I will never write another story as bizarre and sensual as Girl Blue.

So how did an idea like GIRL BLUE come to me, you ask. I was inspired by a friend who told me how he would go and get these sensual massages from sexy woman. This gave me an idea to write a story about a guy who becomes addicted to erotic massages. But that idea wasn’t going anywhere until I read an article about Auguste Rodin, the great sculpture. No one since antiquity has carved the female body as exquisitely as Rodin and maybe never will. Once I melded sculpting, female nudes and sensual massages into a workable story framework, the essence of creating a character who sculpted nude women in stone was born. Erotic massages still play a small role in the story, however Jeremy Copper's quest for the perfect work of art is the overriding theme. From that point, the novel just fell into place. I began “sculpting” GIRL BLUE that night!


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