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It’s time to get TWISTED IN TULIPS!

By On Aug 14 2012, 9:04 am

Fate has a way of rearranging everything…

Misty Morgan has always thought herself in control of her life, at least since she was able to escape the pressure of her mother's heavy hand. She's made the decisions that led her to be at Tulle and Tulips Designer Weddings. She's as thrilled with the life she's created as she is with each new pair of sexy stilettos she finds. And then the incident happens, turning her morning stroll to work into an upset that alters her world.

She's not looking for men, relationships or love. Yet, she can't seem to shake Jace Nichols after he rolls into her life and hooks her attention. Their first meetings are contemptuous, but they discover an unexpected passion that stems from their fighting. Through that passion they begin to catch glimpses of the real person hiding beneath the public masks they wear. Those glimpses have Misty wondering just how special Jace could be. And they have her going out of her way to organize a special surprise.

Will he love the surprise? Is it enough to prove she's not the superficial florist he sees her as?

Warning: This title contains a jaded hero and an independent heroine who find that when push comes to push-back, an argument is the quickest route to steamy sex.

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