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Mistress of the Stone: 12 Truths and 1 Lie

By On Aug 28 2012, 8:00 am

1. Despite my usual snark on my blog (and others), Mistress of the Stone is a serious story about serious things, like ghouls, gargoyles, and werewolves.

2. There’s a virgin involved—a well-armed virgin.

3. It’s based on the premise that ghosts can be cursed to remain on the mortal plane.

4. One of the main characters is an Englishman and a werewolf. Luísa Tavares is pretty sure she can love a werewolf, but she’s a little dismayed he’s English. I guess you can't have everything.

5. Mistress of the Stone is a blend of mythos and history, my two favorite things.

6. There’s a very cute monkey in this story. He’s a thief.

7. Plenty of fight scenes. One of them is between two women.

8. My favorite scene in the whole book is when Luísa meets Xander Daltry. This is it:

Daltry turned her around roughly and lifted her chin. “Come now, dearest, don’t play the witless damsel. It’s not becoming, especially on you.” He pushed her on the bed, then knelt, one knee between her legs. “A pretty girl wearing leather breeches and a shirt that betrays her womanly charms is quickly discounted as a woman of easy virtue.”

Luísa shot up in protest, but he shoved her down. She countered with a sharp knee to his cojones, forcing him to stumble back two paces. “What do you think of my virtue now, Inglés?”

9. The ending reveals how the myth of the werewolf came to be.

10. This is a book about sacrifice, loyalty, and family.

11. There’s also sex. Hot sex.

12. Did I mention the sex?


And ONE lie…

Despite what you might’ve heard, there are no pirate dogs in Mistress of the Stone. The two shown here keep spreading that rumor, but it just ain’t so. Bad pirate dogs. Bad.


I hope you’ll try Mistress of the Stone and leave a review somewhere if you’re so inclined.

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Visit Maria Zannini on her blog, Facebook, or her new Back to Basics blog. By the way, if you tweet this post or any other links to Mistress of the Stone you'll be entered for a chance at a very cool (and naughty) prize. See the details here.




One Response to “Mistress of the Stone: 12 Truths and 1 Lie”

  1. Neeta says:

    I love this book!! Reading about the ways Secret deals with all the men in her life. She’s one tough cookie and keeps me comnig back for more. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Secret and who she will possibly end up with in the end.

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