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The Mars Rover meets DEEP SPACE FEVER!

By On Aug 19 2012, 9:00 am

During the Mars Rover landing, I realized what great names the Romans gave to the planets in our solar system. Not only were their choices apt at the time, but they shaped our modern view of the “personalities” of those planets. Take Jupiter, for example – the mighty king of the gods. Or speedy, non-threatening Mercury.

But it’s Venus and Mars that really reflect their names. Don’t we all consider Venus to be a graceful, beautiful planet? And Mars is tough. Warlike. A gateway to adventure, maybe even a bit threatening. There are other factors at play, of course, but naming it for the Roman god of war definitely influenced the way we now perceive it.

Did I instinctively used the same approach in Deep Space Fever, choosing planetary names that evoke both mood and character traits? We have the mighty Zentarus, a world known for its skilled pilots, advanced weaponry, and stoic personalities (not counting the lust fever that drives them to choose a particular mate); graceful Cortierra, whose citizens cherish art and music, but must learn the ways of war to protect their civilization; and bloodthirsty Cruoog – a haven for murderous pirates and raiders who terrorize space travelers and mining colonies. I can’t imagine some oaf from Cruoog at the helm of a Zentarin glider, much less a Zentarr writing poetry. And frankly, the idea of a Zentarr or Zentress falling in love with a Cortierran seemed impossible too. Right up until it happened in Deep Space Fever!

Warning: contains non-FDA approved remedies for lust fever.


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