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Where do you get your ideas?

By On Aug 7 2012, 8:33 am

The other night I was at a party and the conversation turned to writing.

Friend: Where do you get your ideas? Do they come to you in dreams?
Me: Sometimes.
Friend: Do you eavesdrop on conversations?
Me: Oh, absolutely and it drives my husband crazy.

I think most writers can relate to these questions and I truly appreciate that friends and readers are interested in the crazy way the mind of a writer works. The idea for my new release, Too Close to Home, came to me years before I even knew I was a writer.

After I graduated from college, I worked as a manufacturing engineer in the automotive industry. Once when I was wandering around the plant floor, an employee told me that a few years earlier, a guy had drowned in the huge wash tank used in the manufacturing process. He claimed the death was not accidental, but rather the man had been killed in retaliation for a drug deal gone bad. I was young, female, and impressionable. Well, sort of impressionable. I didn't let on one way or another whether or not I took him seriously. If you're a young woman working around a bunch of guys, you learn to keep your sense of humor and your guard up. This guy was probably pulling my leg, but it didn't matter. The story stuck in my mind. So years after I gave up Corporate America and the writing bug bit, I used this creepy story as the starting point in plotting Too Close to Home.

The story is set in a small town. On the day the heroine returns home to run the manufacturing facility (with her old crush, of course), the alarm sounds. When the hero and heroine investigate, they find a man submerged in the wash tank. As danger hits closer to home, the hero and heroine are thrown together…And Voila! That's where the idea came from. :)

Happy release day to my fellow Samhain authors!
~Alison Stone


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