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A No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

By On Sep 23 2012, 9:00 am

The day begins with a five a.m. alarm clock beeping. The day job begins at six a.m. I transferred to this location a month ago when I relocated. It’s a very different environment and I’m still adjusting and learning. My new manager says I’m doing “okay.” Hmpff! I’m used to my co-workers and previous manager thinking my job performance is way better than okay.

The day’s downhill slide continues. I left my umbrella in my car, so even though I get off work an hour early, it’s raining and my car is across the street. My manager loans me his umbrella. While I wait to cross the street it stops raining. So I return his umbrella. But halfway to my car, it starts raining again!

At home our air conditioner has stopped working. I’m afraid it might be because I used the wrong kind of filter last time I changed it. I’d stop and get the right one…but it’s still raining. I’ll go home first and change clothes and go to the store when it stops raining. But a truck and trailer are parked across my driveway. I’m slightly perturbed until I see it’s our local fix-it guy who’s been working on our house.
I know as soon as I see the fix-it guy and my husband with their heads together in the kitchen exactly what he’s going to say. The countertop we ordered two weeks ago and was supposedly available even though it’s been discontinued isn’t available after all. I’ll have to choose something else.

I don’t want anything else. I want the one I liked. I’ve had an island countertop covered in plastic for two weeks. I have company coming this weekend. I thought my countertop would be finished. But it isn’t going to happen.

I change clothes and go to the store. The size air filter I need isn’t on the shelf. I flag down an employee. She needs a battery for her handheld computer but she’ll get one and come back and check on it. I wait. I show her the filters in a smaller size and tell her what size I need. Off she goes to get them but when she comes back, they are the wrong ones. She checks again for the correct size. They are available but someone will have to get them from some storage area and bring them in. I play a game on my new phone and discover I almost don’t mind waiting until it seems like it’s getting a bit ridiculous how long it’s taking. I’m afraid to leave and do my other shopping because I might never get my air filters! Eventually they arrive and I thank the salesperson and continue shopping. Meanwhile…it has started raining again. By the time I leave the store with all the comfort foods I’ll need to do some emotional eating, it’s still drizzling.

Days like this happen to everyone but when it happens to me I feel like I’m the only one who’s ever experienced it. I am the queen of ordering things that are discontinued, out of stock, backordered or otherwise delayed or unavailable. I despise umbrellas especially if I have to get into a car with a wet one. Let’s face it. There’s no way to do that without getting wet, which is exactly why you have an umbrella in the first place. It’s Florida. It’s September. I miss my air conditioning!

Plans. Expectations. Some days things simply don’t go according to plan. Lots of times life doesn’t go according to our plan, either. In A FOREVER KIND OF GUY this is what Hayley and Ray are dealing with when they meet each other. They’ve loved, and they’ve lost and they’ve been disappointed. They haven’t had the forever relationships they expected. In fact nothing has gone according to “the plan” for either of them. When they’re forced to change their life plans, however, they discover it’s possible to create something even better.

Follow up Note: Eventually it stopped raining. The air conditioner’s blower motor was fixed. My new countertop was installed before my guests arrived! Maybe one day soon my boss will tell me what a great job I’m doing…

As further proof that things don’t always go as planned, I tried at least six times to get the picture of my new countertop at the end of this post instead of at the beginning, but I just couldn’t do it! Evidently you are meant to see that picture whether you read the entire post or not. :)


2 Responses to “A No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day”

  1. Carlene Thissen says:

    Nicely written, from a fellow queen of the discontinued!

  2. Keith Audet says:

    Hey Barb, I know the feeling, had Mom and Sister over for dinner yesterday, and had Lasagna in the oven, and my air went out too! Only in Florida do we Bake in September, and still need to have the air on! By the way, I miss you much at work, and hope things shape up at the job! You know that you are always welcome back in Naples! :-) By the way, I love the way you write, so keep it up!
    Hope all is going well for you in Northern Florida! I will drop you a line every once in a while.

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