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Planning a New Series

By On Sep 12 2012, 9:00 am

It starts with an idea. Maybe it's something someone said to you, or a place you went, or a picture you saw, an article you read about something in the news, a book about a historical event, or a show you watched. Anything can spark an idea, but then sometimes that idea takes on a life of its own. It expands and twists and the next thing you know, you have a new series on your hands.

Awesome, but it can be a little scary how it all happens.

So, I have a new series that I have percolating, and it came from the travel that my boyfriend and I have taken in the last few years. Some of it is just trips we've researched, but haven't taken quite yet, and others are trips we've gone on several times. I remember thinking, "I wish I could write about the cool places we've been and things we've done, but I haven't been to this place often enough to write about it like a native." But then I thought, "what if my characters were on vacation too, just like I am?"

Boom. New idea. Heroine takes a vacation to Vegas.

Then I thought a little more and wondered why I couldn't write about more than one of the places I've been with my guy? We have great times when we go places, and sometimes that means it was super-romantic, and sometimes it's a comedy of errors, but we make it through and still manage to enjoy ourselves together. I wanted to share that with my readers. But a book that had vacations all over the world just sounded weird. Maybe my first heroine has friends and they go on vacation and find some romance too.

Boom. New series.

One I'm really excited to write, too.

Also? The first picture is one I took at the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. You can't see him, but my boyfriend is standing next to me critiquing my pictures as I try to get a good one of the shooting water. Harder than you think! The first book in this vacation-themed series is set in Vegas.

The other picture is one I took last month on a trip we took to Hawaii. Gorgeous, no? Guess where the second book in the series I have planned is going to be set?

Okay, now I have to go. I need to finish writing the books!


-Crystal Jordan


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