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Summer Reading

By On Sep 6 2012, 9:00 am

Hi, all! Jennifer here.

Every summer I have high hopes of continuing my writing routine, but come about mid July, I finally give up. I know. I’m weak like that. But Hubby is his own business owner so he likes to take a lot of days off in the summer, which ultimately means I take off a lot of days in the summer.

And where do we spend our time? AT THE BEACH!

(About six blocks away)

So this is a time when I get caught up on all the reading I’ve been meaning to do all year. That includes finally having a chance to read THE HUNGER GAMES (actually all three books in the series), Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ new book THE GREAT ESCAPE, and IN THE BAG by Kate Klise (really cute and the perfect beach read). Actually, I counted 16 books read since summer started.

Don’t judge me.

I’m “refilling the well”, so to speak, so I don’t feel too guilty about not writing.

But I just had to share my ultimate beach reading requirement. My chaise lounge chair.

I saw this chair in a Frontgate catalogue and knew I HAD to have it. If you live at the beach and do a lot of reading, you need the ultimate beach chair. (Although, it’s more like a sofa) My friends call me “the queen” when they see me lounging on it. (But they’re jealous)

What I really like about it is that it’s LIGHT. It folds up nicely and has a shoulder strap. And because I don’t like a lot of sun on my face it has a handy little visor I can put it up to block out the sun and reduce the glare on my books. Cool, huh?

But now… school starts tomorrow, which means my well filling will come to an end and it will be time to get back to work/writing.

Thank goodness! My butt was starting to leave an imprint in that chair.

How about you? Do you have a favorite beach or pool chair?
Do you find you read more or less books in the summer?


2 Responses to “Summer Reading”

  1. Nina Croft says:

    I want one – I love the idea you can carry it around and that sun visor… I wonder if they ship to Spain!

  2. Sutton Fox says:

    Um, actually once I saw yours, I got one too. *blush* I love Frontgate stuff! The sun visor is fab.

    I tend to read less in the summer. The yard stuff gets in the way. :)

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