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Is It That Time of The Year Already?

By On Oct 24 2012, 9:00 am

I was driving to meet one of my writer friend’s for lunch the other day and came upon, not one, but three roadside signs advertising holiday events. One even said come meet Santa! The last time I looked at my calendar, which would have been, today—I saw that it’s only nearing the end of October. We haven’t even had Halloween yet, and already Christmas and other Holiday gift wraps are in most of the stores. My local hardware store already has their seasonal room brimming with ornaments and such. This timing of the advertising seems to come sooner and sooner every year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of the year. Fall is in the air. All of my magazine subscriptions feature articles and covers depicting delectable food items coinciding with the season already here and the big one yet to come. Best of all, though, the publisher websites are filled with seasonal romances. Now this is the time of the year I love! The thought of curling up by my fireplace with a good holiday love story just gives me all sorts of warm fuzziness.

This time of the year means it’s time for me to go through the vast collection tipping my to-be-read pile, and pick out all of those  books with ornaments, , Christmas trees, starry nights  and, red and green titles adorning the covers.  I can officially put them by my chair in the living room or stack them on my night stand. Rubbing my hands together in anticipation, I gleefully think, it’s that time of year!

Tell me, do you enjoy reading holiday themed books?


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