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Scary Movies For Your Halloween Fright Fest

By On Oct 29 2012, 10:42 am

In just a few more days, the veil between the living and the dead will be lifted and the streets will be filled with ghosts and goblins and devils – not to mention some Lady Gagas, Avengers and naughty nurses at the big people parties. And if you don’t like eggs or toilet paper on your house, you better have some candy by the door.

Now, you’re already here at Samhain Horror, so you know exactly where to get your Halloween fix for the best in books that’ll make you shiver. What you need next are some really good horror flix that will give you nightmares and also make you sound like a true horror hound when you tell people what was in your Halloween Fright Fest. Sure, you can watch Jason or Halloween or Frankenstein. They’re all great choices. But let’s dig down a little deeper into the horror grave and see if we can unearth some festering gems. Uncle Hunter is here to feed your darkest needs.

First off is a movie from the 70’s that has more legitimate movie stars than any other horror movie ever made. The Sentinel tells the story of a young model that moves into a Brooklyn apartment, only to find that it’s the gateway to hell. Her neighbors are creepy beyond measure and the old blind priest in the top apartment is more than he seems. You’ll never look at Burgess Meredith or Beverly D’Angelo the same! The ending was so controversial, people boycotted this when it came out.

Horror Novels, Horror eBooks, Horror AuthorsNext up, I give you The Entity. Based on a true story, it’s about a woman who is repeatedly molested by an unseen spirit. Starring Barbara Hershey, The Entity will scare the life out of any single woman living alone. There is nothing more terrifying than being violated by an unseen and unknowable presence. The fact that it happened to an actual person drives the terror home even more.

My all-time favorite ghost story is the original version of The Haunting, based on the Shirley Jackson masterpiece and starring Julie Harris and Richard Johnson. A parapsychologist takes 3 volunteers to live in the muy haunted Hill House to explore the spirit phenomenon. It’s all about terrifying tapping in the halls and scratching in the walls and suspense with a taut story line that will have you palpitating right to the end. No one does them like this anymore.

And finally, for some odd reason, I just love the movie Creep. A woman is trapped in the London underground that is home to a hideous, bloodthirsty monster with an even more insidious past. I’d watch this along with The Descent, what I consider the best monster movie of the past decade. Spelunking into a nest of deformed fiends never looked so good. The creatures in this double feature will make your flesh crawl. You can make it a claustrophobia theme party!

Being the horror maniac that I am, I’ve been watching 1 or 2 horror movies a day, every day, since October 1st. To check out what movies make Hunter a less-than-dull boy, check out #Terrortober on Twitter and you’ll see my 1 line reviews and rating. And while you’re at it, join in the fun.

The key is that you find a movie or two, curl up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and shut those lights down real low. And don’t worry about that creaking floorboard behind you. It’s just the house settling. Right?


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  1. I loved the movie CREEP also, Hunter. That movie was well done and very scary. I bet very few people know it exists. THE DESCENT is a classic, and I enjoyed the sequel THE DESCENT 2 as well.

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