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Katie Porter + Giveaway!

By On Nov 10 2012, 9:00 am

Came Upon a Midnight Clear by Katie PorterKatie Porter is the writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown, whose “Vegas Top Guns” series released back to back this summer, and whose Came Upon a Midnight Clear will release November 27. All four contemporary erotic romances earned 4½ Star Top Picks from RT BookReviews. Here, we’ve interview one another without labeling our replies. Sometimes even we can’t tell the difference!

When did we meet?

Online or in person?

Online first.

In the comment thread of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. I kinda wish I could remember which post or review, but that’s long gone, I’m sure. Your turn: in person?

In San Francisco at the RWA National Convention in 2008. It was nice because we attended the Smart Bitches party together and put names to a lot of faces. What was your first impression of me?

I thought you were incredibly smart and savvy. Plus you talked to everyone. As an introvert, I had no idea how you did that. And you?

An intimidating badass Army veteran. You didn’t say much, although that may have been because I was too busy talking. But . . . it’s a big leap between “people who chat” to co-writers.

Yes! Not a lot of friends–even people who share similar writing styles and ideas about romance–decide to co-write. What the heck happened?

Temporary insanity? You wanted to write a Las Vegas story that wasn’t working, and I was curious about writing erotic contemporaries. Poof! Accidental brainstorming led to words, to books, to contracts. So . . . do you want to answer our most frequently asked question?

What, how do we co-write? Writers and readers alike are fascinated. We break it down by hero or heroine, with one point of view per chapter. For the “Vegas Top Guns” books, I wrote most of the heroes since I have a military background, except for Hold ‘Em. In that one both the hero and heroine are in the Air Force, so you wrote Mike.

But it doesn’t stop with writing. In edits, you see the big picture. I look at teeny tiny sentences and play with words. Plus we get the huge relief of sharing promotion duties when a book is released. Two sets of busily typing fingers are better than one. This was especially true when launching “Vegas Top Guns.”

And don’t forget Came Upon a Midnight Clear.

I can’t wait! It’s our first male/male romance, but who can resist lovers reunited in London at Christmas?

No one! Publishers Weekly called it “masterful,” and RT BookReviews declared it “…the perfect piece of erotica: nuanced, complex, dirty, loving and intimate.” I love that.

Quit bragging. Let’s give away stuff, such as any of our “Vegas Top Guns” backlist, or even an advance reading copy of Came Upon a Midnight Clear. Winner’s pick! Just give us a shout and you’re in the running!

Now let’s go tweet. You can find us @MsKatiePorter, @carrielofty, and @LorelieBrown. Happy reading!


One Response to “Katie Porter + Giveaway!”

  1. Trix says:

    These sound lovely, and it’s always interesting to hear how collaborations work…

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