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To Try or Not To Try

By On Nov 8 2012, 4:32 pm

I had a new release this week. Malachi’s Word. It’s a male/male friends-to-lovers short story. I’m primarily a contemporary male/female author. But I love reading male/male. Same as I love reading historicals and one day, who knows…

Some advised me to write male/male under a different name when I said I was going to try it. I did ponder this idea. I did talk it over with myself and with several others…friends, other authors, editors. No one really had a clear cut thought one way or the other. I decided to go with my gut and stick with the name Lissa Matthews. I didn’t want to go through all there was to establishing a new identity, promoting a new identity, marketing a new identity. I wanted to stick with my name, to build new readership with Lissa Matthews for male/male. It’s not been easy. Malachi’s Word is not my first male/male romance and it won’t be my last.

I had to try, you know? I had to see if I could do it, if it would be well received, if it would be worth it in the end, and yes, I think it is and will be. I know some of my readers only prefer male/female romance and some prefer mainly male/male romance, and still others want it all, no matter what it is. I like the versatility in my readership, because I’m a versatile reader myself. If one of my favorite authors writes different genres, I’ll likely read them all. At the same time, I’ve read the same author who writes under different names and I’ll often times prefer one voice over the other.

Male/male romance, erotic romance, erotica is something I enjoy reading and writing. I feel the same way about male/female writing. I think there are enough readers to go around and there are enough books to choose from in all the genres. Sometimes as authors maybe we need to step away from the norm of what we write and try something new, breathe new life in our books and give our readers something new to talk about and look forward to as well. One genre may take off where another never really did or maybe both will meet with equal success.

With the to try or not to try question… I’m glad I tried. Malachi’s Word was fun to write and I look forward to visiting the world more and more. The readers who want it, will buy it. The readers who don’t, will wait for what they do want. I have learned that in this business. If you’re books are something people, be it two, three, five, ten, a hundred, or several thousand, want, they will wait. Maybe not patiently all the time, but, they will wait and welcome you back.

Have you thought of writing a different genre? As a reader, do you prefer an author to stick with one genre?



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