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Finish the Story Christmas Contests

By On Dec 31 2012, 10:17 am

The week before Christmas we ran a contest in which participants could finish the sentence. The winners of each day became the starting sentence for the next. Below is our final story for both the Romance and Horror contests. The ellipses (…) represent the start/end of each winners sentence throughout the contest. Please note that our romance story is rated “Red Hot!”


Romance Story:

“Twas the night before Christmas…and my rum bottle’s empty, wishing the in-laws had been snowed in, somewhere back in Philly…But no such luck for me, they arrived just in time, to catch me and my husband naked on the couch, as they peeked through the blinds…Naked flesh upon flesh, his mouth upon mine, I shuddered in ecstacy, as we climaxed at the same time. Oh, the shame of it all, but wait, I feel no shame whatsoever. I love giving it to my man in the cold winter weather…Coming down from the high we achieved as a team, We glanced at the window wondering how much they had seen. They were no longer in sight I hoped they had gone, but by the sounds of the moans they were having sex on our lawn…My thoughts of that pairing in the new fallen snow, gave me images of my in-laws I did not need to know. My body it shivered not from this cold endless night, but the thought of sharing a meal in the harsh Christmas daylight.”


Horror Story:

“With the Christmas Tree finally decorated, an exhausted Cindy Harris fell into bed, but was startled awake when the high-pitched sound of tree ornaments shattering echoed from down the hall…She tried to tell herself that the sound must have been caused by her ever playful cat, but when she laid back down and heard the purring sound next to her, she bolted back up and gasped at the long, human shaped shadow cast on the wall by the multicolored lights of the tree that was moving her way…Cindy stared in fear at the horror moving closer and closer to her. The sound of her cat hissing next to her forced her to put her fear aside and focus on protecting herself…She’d heard stories about this thing approaching the foot of her bed, with its mangy black fur, scarred face split by a mouth of teeth that could rival the most lethal of carnivores, and the long, curving ram’s horns sprouting from its head, but she’d never thought she’d ever see one; after all, she’d been a very good girl this year…As the terrifying thing approached her, it let out a horrific shriek that caused several of the lights on the tree to shatter, sending sparks and tiny pieces of glass flying that scratched and burned at her flesh…She was seized by a feeling of disorientation as she looked frantically around the room; one moment she was in bed, now she was in the living room. “How the hell did I get out here?”


Congratulations again to all of our Romance and Horror Holiday contest winners! A special congratulations to Shannon and Michael for winning the drawing for a $25 Samhain Gift Card.


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