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New Year, New Fear

By On Jan 7 2013, 8:12 am

Another New Year. Two burning questions.

Will it be scary?

Will it be good?

Ain’t it always the way? You know, the old year ends and a brand, spanking new one picks up right where the previous year left off. You barely have enough time to catch your breath let alone recycle that festive tree and finish up the new year booze in some profane, one-off cocktail (Samhain on the beach anyone?).

For a writer, the new year means embarking on new projects – new characters and worlds, and the tales they bring. And those selfsame questions haunt your every step.

Will it be scary?

Will it be good?

As well as the shock of the new, the new year also means it is time to edit and prep works penned in the last calendar year, ready for publication in the new one. It’s a strangely masochistic process, revisiting these tomes. They already feel like fever dreams you have no memory of writing down or typing up. It is also a joy of course, because the amazing editing wizzes at Samhain spot the weaknesses and school kid errors in your text before readers get the chance to see them. The editing process is as important in publishing as it is in the movie business; it is the period in which your creative endeavour takes shape, for once and for all.

And the dawn of a new year heralds something else for writers – the joy of new discoveries. For to be any kind of writer, one must also be a reader. I always have one or two books on the go and oscillate wildly between the classic masters and the future masters. And like many avid authors, I devour the books of my peers – at once cursing them (for writing so well about things I didn’t think of first) while blessing them for entertaining and inspiring me with their tales.

Part of the joy of discovery comes in the form of the ‘blurb request’ – put simply, being asked to provide cover copy for a new author. Those questions rear their ugly heads again.

Will it be scary?

Will it be good?

I’m reading one such debut right now, and I can assure you there is nothing to worry about. Rest assured, the name Jonathan S. Moore is one you’ll be hearing more about in years to come. I was honored to be invited to read his book, and I’m so glad I did. His debut thriller Redheads, just signed to Samhain, is the kind of story that would give the likes of Dexter or the CSI team nightmares. And this is just one of many spine chillers coming soon from Samhain Horror.

You’ll find works from many classic and future masters in 2013. Take a look at the dazzling array of authors and books on this website and you’ll see there is something for every palate on offer in the coming year.

So before i get back to editing, and reading (and blurbing) I’d like to raise a steaming cup of black coffee and wish you a Happy New Year. No, scratch that – a Happy New FEAR.


Will it be scary?

Will it be good?

You bet.



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