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Samhain Pricing Philosophy

Samhain believes the price of an ebook should be less than a print book; after all, it doesn’t need to be printed, stored or shipped! Why should it equal the cost of a print book? Samhain is dedicated to delivering excellent books at reasonable prices.

  • Short Stories:      $2.50 for 12,000 to 18,000 words
  • Novellas:             $3.50 for 18,001 to 35,000 words
  • Category:            $4.50 for 35,001 to 60,000 words
  • Novel:                 $5.50 for 60,001 to 100,000 words
  • Plus Novel:         $6.50 for over 100,000 words


Fair Warning

eBooks are not transferable. They cannot be sold, shared or given away.

If you find someone other than a legitimate retailer selling an ebook, please contact the author or publisher so they can let the seller know it is illegal. It’s unfortunate that the world revolves on money, but authors must have an income to be able to continue writing the wonderful works we readers enjoy.

If you find a Samhain Publishing ebook being sold or shared illegally, please let us know at Your help in the ebook industry’s fight to preserve the intellectual property rights of our authors is much appreciated.


The Many Ways To Read An Ebook

Do you prefer computer, Kindle, Sony, Nook, iPhone/Pod/Pad? Are you a veteran and “rock it” old school with a Rocketbook? Do you have an eBookwise? Do you prefer a mix of all of the above?

The ways and means in which to read an ebook have multiplied in the last few years. Where once you were dedicated to one single device, be it a computer or a Palm Pilot, now you can switch around to your heart’s content—mostly.

Samhain wants you to enjoy our titles no matter what sales channel you choose. If you find buying though Kindle or Nook directly easiest, shop ‘til you drop! But if you are interested in buying direct from Samhain, because of our sales, contests and darn it, you just like us, we’d like to help you understand which files are the right ones to use.


            Mobipocket .prc or .mobi file is your file for the Kindle. All you have to do is plug in your Kindle to your computer, open the Kindle folder/drive, open the Document folder within, and then drag –n- drop your .prc or .mobi ebook in. Once you’re done moving files onto your Kindle, eject the Kindle and unplug. Your books will appear in the list of titles as if you had purchased it through the Whispernet.

            If you don’t want to plug in, you can email the .prc or .mobi file to the email address assigned to your Kindle. Amazon charges a nominal fee for this service. You do have to make sure you gave permission within Amazon to receive files from the email address you are sending.


EPUB and PDF files both work on Nook, but we recommend EPUB when you have them. eBooks you load won’t appear in the cover slide show or the main ebook menu. They are in the My Documents section. Just like Kindle, you plug in the Nook with the USB cord. Open the Nook drive/folder and drag-n-drop your books into the My Documents folder within. For a nice video tutorial, click on the link below and watch how you “sideload” personal content onto the Nook. It’s easy!


            We made a specific PDF just for the Sony that looks better on the screen than the regular PDF. EPUB is also a good file for the Sony.

Sony has it’s own library software that comes with the device. From it you can import files on your computer. Digital Editions lets you organize your titles in groupings of your choice, like genre, publisher, etc. Within this library you can transfer books to the device and you can read directly from your computer.

            You may also drag and drop in the same manner as described above for the Sony. It’s flexible! You do lose the ability to organize your books, if you so choose, by category or how you like, when you bypass the Sony software.


            Mobipocket, EPUB and PDF are the files of choice. Very simply plug the Cybook into your computer and drag and drop your file into the Cybook folder. It’s much like a thumb drive in that it doesn’t require any software or library.


            PDF can be read using Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Digital Editions, even a browser window can display a PDF. Mac people use Preview.

            Mobipocket has an application available from their website for reading the .prc or .mobi file. It is also installable on several smart phones.

            HTML files can be read with a browser window or you can use word-processing software.

            Microsoft Reader is an application available from Microsoft which uses it’s own file type.


            If you have an iPhone, Android or other similar type, there are applications in abundance with which to read ebooks. Many apps are free. Many apps sell as well as support ebooks. The one you choose is based on your personal likes and dislikes in software. Research and pick what you understand and feel most comfortable with. This is an age of instant information, just Google the app and you’ll get an abundance of information to help you decide.


            Kindle and Nook have software that link to your accounts with them, so you can read your books from MP3 player to Smartphone to Computer to dedicated device.

            Calibre is a nice library software that will recognize and load books on to several devices such as the Sony and the Kindle as well as specific apps for the iPhone. Visit the Calibre site to learn more about it, how it works and what it will work with. The software is free! They have a nice video tutorial about the program.


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