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Alex Beecroft was born in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and grew up in the wild countryside of the English Peak District. She studied English and Philosophy before accepting employment with the Crown Court where she worked for a number of years.Now a stay-at-home mum and full time author, Alex lives with her husband and two daughters in a little village near Cambridge and tries to avoid being mistaken for a tourist.

Alex is only intermittently present in the real world. She has lead a Saxon shield wall into battle, toiled as a Georgian kitchen maid, and recently taken up an 800 year old form of English folk dance, but she still hasn’t learned to operate a mobile phone.

Posts from Alex

Too Many Fairy Princes?

By On Nov 15 2013, 8:56 am

When I wrote Too Many Fairy Princes I didn’t imagine I would be quite so lucky as to have it come out within a few days of Thor: The Dark World, but if I had been capable of arranging that in advance, I would certainly have done so.

Elves are a perennial fantasy favourite, but they come into fashion and go out again like a tide. I am hoping that the dark elves of Thor 2 will bring them in and people will be in the mood for other elves – a situation which I can remedy with Too Many Fairy Princes.

Naturally, because I wrote the book long before the film came out, I have no idea what Thor’s elves are like. I suspect from the trailer that they will be straight-forwardly evil, which is slightly more interesting than the now cliché ethereal, slightly pompous, but straight-forwardly good version but in my opinion is still not quite as interesting as the ‘real’ thing. Read more…

Where do you get your ideas?

By On Jul 27 2013, 8:00 am

This morning, I got this delightful piece of spam in my inbox: “Am sorry for the late response, my computer broke down so I lost almost all my business contacts including your contact email and phone numbers until I was able to trace your alternate email. As I promised your family about your late father’s [...]

History and Fantasy – is there a difference?

By On Mar 11 2013, 9:00 am

This may seem like a ridiculous question. Of course there’s a difference between stuff that actually happened and stuff that some author made up out of their own imagination. I wouldn’t dream of arguing that the events in The Lord of the Rings actually happened, for example, even though much of Tolkien’s background work created [...]

Biting off more than I can chew

By On Nov 1 2012, 12:05 am

One of the things that writers of historical novels frequently get asked about is research. Isn’t it a dreadful imposition having to do all that research? Doesn’t it cramp your style? Don’t you get scared that you’ll get something wrong and then everyone will laugh at you? I hadn’t even thought about it before. I [...]

Oh Villain Vile! Let’s talk about the Bad Guys.

By On May 25 2012, 9:00 am

I have terrible problems with villains (and with heroes too, but the heroes can stay out of this for once.) Either a villain is bad enough for me to accept that no mercy needs to be shown to him – and in all my reading, only Sauron from The Lord of the Rings has ever [...]

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