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  • Amy’s always on the hunt for historicals in unusual time periods and settings, tension-filled m/m, awesome paranormals and sexy, fun contemporaries.
  • It’s entirely possible that Amy’s favorite word is “awesome.” She thinks it’s pretty awesome.
  • A fortune teller once told Amy to beware of a woman with gray hair. She’s still a little nervous.

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All About Amy Sherwood

Born in the wilderness of Southern California, Amy Sherwood grew up being read to whenever she wanted. Eventually, she figured out that if she read to herself, she could get to the happy endings a lot more quickly—and that picture books just didn’t have enough words!

In college, Amy got her first taste of publishing as an award-winning yearbook editor. Around the same time, she acquired a roommate with trunkloads of historical romances. Amy borrowed one, was hooked and never looked back.

After a stint as a magazine editor in New York, Amy was thrilled to start working for Samhain Publishing in 2011. She’s still looking for those perfect happy endings.

Posts from Amy

What’s In a Name?

By On Oct 7 2013, 3:01 pm

Character names are important. As a writer, you have an opportunity to give the reader a strong, immediate impression about your hero and heroine with a name that subtly backs up your characterization. But it’s also an opportunity to totally mess it up. To keep the reader from being distracted by an odd name choice, have these tips in mind:
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So It’s Come to This: Frequently Asked Questions

By On Apr 29 2013, 8:25 am

In my time as a Samhain editor—over a year now!—I’ve noticed some questions popping up on the regular. With any luck, these’ll be of help or at least interest to you writer types out there.  Do you write? No, though I know editors who do. Personally, I’m a very lazy writer. When I’ve attempted it [...]

I’ll Be There For You

By On Jan 21 2013, 9:26 am

It was pretty clear early on that I was a kid with an eye for love. The romance, whether it was the ongoing tempestuous marriage of Lucy and Ricky, the opposites attract courtship of Jessie and Slater, or my earnest hope that She-Ra and He-Man would go on a date someday, was usually my foremost [...]

Lying in the Age of Google

By On Oct 15 2012, 9:00 am

Recently, a submission from a non-Samhain author found its way onto my desk, and in the query letter, the author did some big-time boasting. That’s not a problem—we want to know the writing awards you’ve won, whether you’re a New York Times bestseller, and stuff like that. But this author dropped the names of pretty [...]

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