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When not writing fiction, Dr. Seuss-like poetry or song lyrics, Barbara Meyers can be found at the local Starbucks culling story ideas from customers while masquerading as a shift supervisor. Her hobbies include tormenting her long-suffering husband, interfering in the lives of her grown children, and sneaking into gated communities to walk her almost perfect dog, Pepper. Her latest release is A FOREVER KIND OF GUY from Samhain Publishing, the second in The Braddock Brotherhood series. Visit her web site at or follow her on Twitter @barbmeyers or her fantasy-writing alter ego @ajtillock.

Posts from Barbara

A No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

By On Sep 23 2012, 9:00 am

The day begins with a five a.m. alarm clock beeping. The day job begins at six a.m. I transferred to this location a month ago when I relocated. It’s a very different environment and I’m still adjusting and learning. My new manager says I’m doing “okay.” Hmpff! I’m used to my co-workers and previous manager thinking my job performance is way better than okay.

The day’s downhill slide continues. I left my umbrella in my car, so even though I get off work an hour early, it’s raining and my car is across the street. My manager loans me his umbrella. While I wait to cross the street it stops raining. So I return his umbrella. But halfway to my car, it starts raining again!

At home our air conditioner has stopped working. I’m afraid it might be because I used the wrong kind of filter last time I changed it. I’d stop and get the right one…but it’s still raining. I’ll go home first and change clothes and go to the store when it stops raining. But a truck and trailer are parked across my driveway. I’m slightly perturbed until I see it’s our local fix-it guy who’s been working on our house.
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(Anti) Bestsellers

By On Aug 15 2012, 8:00 am

I’ve been let down too many times over the years by bestselling novels and the movies “you have to see.” Sometimes I go far in the other direction. I won’t read or see something just because that’s what everyone else is doing and raving about.

Power to the Readers

By On Mar 3 2012, 9:00 am

Readers hold more power than they think they do over what succeeds in the marketplace. I encourage you to use your power for the benefit of readers everywhere.

I Made My Hero Cry

By On Oct 5 2011, 8:20 am

The hot water pouring down on him helped minimally. His head was pounding and his throat was raw. He had a God-awful taste in his mouth that gulping water had no effect on. Truth was he felt shaky and weak as a newborn kitten and he didn’t like the feeling. He also didn’t like knowing [...]

The Goal-less Life

By On May 11 2011, 8:21 am

I have discovered the best books are the ones where the goal is clear and the journey is fun to read about. Like living your best life, it’s good to have goals

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