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Loves every dog she ever met. Loves her 4 dogs the most. Loves her husband and daughter more than her dogs. Loves writing almost as much as her dogs. :)

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All About Beverly Rae

Beverly Rae’s witty, sexy, action-packed romances leave readers experiencing a wide range of emotions. As a multi-published author, Beverly is always working on her next book, taking the “usual” and twisting it into the “unusual”.

“Unusual” is the right word for Beverly. Throughout her teen years and into adulthood, she loved reading anything she could get her hands on from Stephen King to Louisa May Alcott and Danielle Steele. But she needed more. She had her own stories to tell and she wanted to combine all the elements of those books and more. That’s why Beverly’s books have action and humor mixed with tear-jerking emotion and laugh-until-it-hurts humor. After all, she believes that a story shouldn’t be labeled as one genre. It should encompass a variety of them!

Every day, including most holidays and weekends, Beverly spends her day in the office on the first floor of her home. Her four dogs, Maxie, Charlie, Lady and Sammy snooze while she writes. Some authors write with music, but she writes to the sounds of doggy snores!

For more about Beverly, please visit her website at Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook at and Twitter at @Beverly_Rae. For even more news, join Beverly Rae’s Fantasies, Beverly’s Yahoo Readers Group at Beverly loves to hear from her readers at

Posts from Beverly

Want to Play Watson to My Sherlock?

By On Oct 23 2012, 9:00 am

Tagged as Comedy, demon, erotic, humor, paranormal, & 4 more...

Hi. This is Samantha Savage. I’m the main character in Beverly Rae’s new book, The Forgetful Demon Slayer.

Forgetful Demon Slayer by Beverly RaeOkay, so here’s the deal. I’ve never had a great memory, but lately I can’t remember a damn thing about my life before I woke up and found myself lying in a hospital bed. Granted, Josh was there so that made it a lot nicer. But still, it kind of sucked. For one thing, the headache was a doozy and for another, the food was awful.

Anyway, I’m kind of confused. Supposedly, I have a great life. I’m married to a handsome, hardworking man and we live in the perfect suburban neighborhood. The neighbors may have a few quirks like get-togethers at midnight. And they’re a bit strange-looking with long teeth and odd color eyes, but, for the most part, everyone’s friendly enough.

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To Tat or Not to Tat

By On Oct 20 2012, 9:04 am

Tagged as tat, tattoo

My nineteen year old daughter wants to get her first tattoo. She’s wanted to get one for years and is adamant about getting one. Problem is, her father and I would rather she wait. Although she’s legally an adult for most situations, we believe making she still needs direction. Shoot, don’t we all? At any [...]

Who’s Your Superhero?

By On May 16 2012, 8:58 am

On Mother’s Day, my family took me to see The Avengers. I loved the movie, but I kept wondering where Wolverine was. Yes, I know he’s not technically a superhero…or is he? Whether the superhero was The Hulk, The Iron Man, or Captain America, isn’t the main idea that he’s there when you need him? [...]

What’s Meg Up To?

By On Jan 24 2012, 3:25 pm

Woo-hoo! One of my favorite books (of mine) releases today. Sex with a Hex is the second book in my Magical Sisters trilogy and centers around Meg Tristan, the middle sister. Oh, yeah. She’s a witch, too, who just happens to have a sister who is a succubus-turned-mortal and a shape-shifting older sister who will [...]

How to Enjoy Your Holiday Season

By On Dec 8 2011, 9:00 am

Do you remember the popular phrase “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”? Yes? Good. But let me change it up a bit. Don’t hate me because I’m finished. I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about. Have I finished my latest book? I have, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Besides, there’s always another [...]

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