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  • Don is always looking for something new, original and scary in horror fiction.
  • Don is an avid movie fan with far too many DVDs and Blu-Rays, especially obscure European horror films.

One of Don’s favorite quotes:

  • “Trust thyself: Every heart vibrates to that iron string.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

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All About Don D'Auria

Don D’Auria has worked in publishing for twenty-five years, most recently as executive editor at Leisure Books, where for fifteen years he directed their horror line. Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, he was the quintessential horror kid, growing up on a steady diet of TV’s Chiller Theater on Friday nights, Creature Features on Saturday nights, and horror novels and Famous Monsters magazine the rest of the time. After earning a master’s degree in English from Columbia University, he dove into publishing, where he’s been lucky enough to work in the genre he’s always loved. He has been privileged to work with wonderful authors, including Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, Ramsey Campbell, Graham Masterton, Douglas Clegg, Edward Lee and Brian Keene, and is the recipient of an International Horror Guild Award for his contributions to the genre.

Don joined Samhain Publishing in January of 2011 and is very excited to be part of such an innovative company. He is dedicated to bringing the best in horror fiction to his fellow fans.

For those avid D'Auria followers who wish to know more about him, Don notes, "Since I'm a recluse who makes J.D. Salinger look like a campaigning politician by comparison, I have no social media links or personal website to display."

Posts from Don

The Art of the Pitch

By On Sep 16 2013, 5:10 pm

This Thursday I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas for this year’s Killer Con. While I’m there, I’ll take pitches from horror writers who want to become part of the Samhain family of authors. I was discussing this the other day with my wife, a fellow editor but for another company. Being a baseball fan, she shared a great insight, which I’ll now share with you: Making a pitch to an editor is very similar to pitching in a baseball game, and the editor receiving the pitch is like the batter. The only difference is that in this case the pitcher and the batter are both hoping for a home run. Both are hoping that the pitch goes right over the center of the plate and then over the outfield wall.

But some pitches are knuckleballs. They go all over the place, they’re unfocused, and they never quite get to the point. Other pitches are curveballs. They start out going in one direction, but end up taking a turn that no one saw coming, making it impossible to hit. Still others are change-ups. The editor thinks it’s going to be a fastball, but it ends up much slower, with weak pacing and taking just too long to get to the plate. Ah, but then there are the fastballs. Direct. To the point. Straight ahead and down the middle. These are the pitches that the editor waits for. These are the ones that he can hit solidly and really get behind. These are the pitches that will get the editor’s interest, and will make sure he or she requests the manuscript. And for the author doing the pitch, that’s a win.

World Horror in New Orleans

By On Jul 1 2013, 8:00 am

Tagged as Don D'Auria, Horror, HWA

I returned last week from an amazing and fun (they all are) World Horror Convention/HWA Bram Stoker Weekend in New Orleans. Yes, there were panels and readings, and lots of great food and drink, but the highlight for me was the opportunity to meet with writers and horror fans, hear pitches and chat with some [...]

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