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All About Hailey Edwards

Born in the Deep South, Hailey is a lifelong resident of Alabama. Her husband works for the local sheriff’s department and her daughter is counting down the days until she’s old enough to audition for American Idol. Her dachshund, Black Ilex, helps Hailey write by snoozing on his dog bed in her office.

Her desire to explore without leaving the comforts of home fueled her love of reading and writing. Whenever the itch for adventure strikes, Hailey can be found with her nose glued to her Kindle’s screen or squinting at her monitor as she writes her next happily-ever-after.

Posts from Hailey

Be My Heroine

By On Oct 16 2013, 9:01 am

While heroes make romance novels delicious to read, heroines make or break books for me. Part of that is the desire to see strong female characters. The other part is… How can I respect a hero who falls for a TSTL heroine? If he’s a hot badass, then his girlfriend should kick ass too. Here are a few traits I associate with strong female leads and the series that match up to the ideal.

  1. Smart – Sirantha Jax (Sirantha Jax by Ann Aguirre) Jax is rough around the edges, but you would expect that from a woman who puts her sanity at risk every time she employs her gift—the ability to jump ships through grimspace. She’s also whip-smart and a smart ass.
  2. Brave – Elena Michaels (Women of the Otherworld by Kelly Armstrong) Elena was an emotionally scarred human when a werewolf decided she was his mate—whether she wanted to be or not. He turned her, making her the only living female werewolf and a prize for any wolf stupid enough to think her mate, Clay, would ever give her up without a fight. It took a lot of bravery for her to survive not only the change, but her new life among otherworldly creatures she had no idea existed. Read more…

A Time of Dying

By On Jul 30 2013, 8:53 am

They just might survive…if they don’t kill each other first. Araneae Nation, Book 3 Once the future Segestriidae maven, Kaidi lived a privileged life. Now she spends her nights haunting cities ravaged by the plague. Spade in hand, she stalks rows of freshly dug graves for corpses…and then she takes their heads. Her new life [...]


By On Jun 4 2013, 6:13 am

Writers draw inspiration from life, music, movies, anything and everything. I’m particularly moved by music. You might have noticed since I named a novel of mine Everlong. I’m not immune to the allure of a good show, though, and History Channel’s new series, Vikings, did what few television series have managed to do. It held [...]

A Cast of Shadows is Here!

By On Feb 12 2013, 8:25 am

The strongest net is no match for destiny. An Araneae Nation story. Daraja has grown up watching her brothers journey down the river on the traditional Deinopidae rite of passage. Each returned with riches from their travels, and lovers with whom to share their lives. Now she has reached the age where she would strike [...]

The Reluctant Heroine

By On Jan 9 2013, 9:00 am

I love reluctant heroine/hero stories. There’s something about an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances that appeals to me. If the character is grumbly about playing the part of the hero, I award bonus points. The thing is, there’s something heroic inside them. They just don’t know it yet. They are generally good people, the [...]

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