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Have you ever indulged in an Office Affair?

By On May 1 2012, 8:51 am

I haven't.

I know, boring, huh? I'm sorry to disappoint you all. But, well, whether I have or haven't, isn't the very idea of an office affair just so dee-liciously naughty? So dee-lightfully sexy? The thought makes me rub my hands together in glee and want to write very, very dirty things.

I think it's the secrecy of the whole relationshipship. The clandestine nature of it – making sure no one ever finds out. Especially if it's against office policy. (Hmm, does that even apply anymore? Is it even legal to discourage work romance?) Truth is, I haven't worked in an office job for a very long time, so I wouldn't really know. In fact, the last time I sat behind a desk other than the one I write at, I was 26, single and had a ridiculous crush on the cutest guy who worked upstairs.

Oh, come on. Admit it. You've also had a crush on the office hottie. The one who catches your attention whenever he walks past. The one you keep an eye out for every time you have a coffee break break. Or loo break. Or lunch break. Or spot-the-hottie break. You know for sure you have a crush on him when your day doesn't quite begin until you've had your first glimpse of him. He even makes your heart beat a little faster, and perhaps your palms start to sweat a bit when he says hello.

Yes, it's true. I took numerous spot-the-hottie breaks when I worked in that office. Even found ridiculous excuses to go upstairs. (Er, did I mention the offices upstairs belonged to a completely different company, so I had to come up with some REALLY creative excuses.) Know what the funny thing was about that little crush? Turned out I got to know him pretty well. And boy, was he ever not my type. Apart from his ridiculously gorgeous blonde hair, blue eyes, and pinchable ass, he was the loveliest, sweetest, most innocent and naive guy I'd ever met. I think if I ever had truly pinched his ass, he would have blushed twenty shades of scarlet.

That is so not the case with my latest release, Office Affair. Remember how I said the very idea of an office romance makes me want to write very, very dirty things? Well, it turns out, I did. The book has absolutely nothing to do with my own experience. Nope, this book is packed full of dirty sex scenes, hot romance, a gorgeous voyeur and a love story to melt your heart. So if you're the kind who likes your romance served with a little (er, lottle) sex, and your office life enhanced with a great big dash of gorgeous, alpha male, then Office Affair is just the book for you!


All work and no play? Not for this girl. Not anymore.

Melissa Sparks has had enough. Enough of being an overachiever, enough of having no social life, enough of being lonely. Just this once she wants a change. Something different. Something that looks very much like her business associate, Ben Cowley.

Ben is all alone in the deserted offices of Preston Elks. He’s gorgeous, he’s single and he’s been her secret fantasy for the last two years. It’s a split-second decision, but there’s no going back.

When Ben looks up from his desk, the last thing he expects to see is his too-serious, straight-laced colleague stripping naked. It’s been a year since his last relationship ended, and though he’s still picking up the pieces, Melissa throws his carefully balanced world off its axis. So does her offer: a brief affair, no strings attached.

Right about the time he realizes a simple affair will never be enough, she’s back in professional mode—and clearly as distant as ever. Now it’s up to him to show her that what they have is no fluke…and he’ll do whatever it takes to convince her. Even if it means inviting another man into their bed.

Warning: This book contains a man haunted by his past decisions, a woman determined to succeed, sex hot enough to steam up every office window on the block, and a voyeur who gets off watching those windows steam up.

Office Affair is available right now at the Samhain store. Go on have a look. Just click here.

Oh, and if you've ever had an office romance, or just an office crush, I'd love to know about it.



Jess Dee

Dee-liciously Sexy Romance


Bad mommy/Happy writer

By On Apr 26 2012, 9:00 am

It's okay. You can point fingers and label me a 'bad mommy' if you want to. I'll understand. I mean, how often do you see a mother laughing with untold joy after dropping her kids at school? That was me, today. The car door opened, the kids climbed out, and a sense of pure relief [...]

Lost in translation: Or making books into movies

By On Nov 17 2011, 9:00 am

Breaking Dawn – Part 1 released in Australia today, and yes, I confess, I was one of the Twihard fans determined to see the movie the day it was released. I’ve just gotten back, and now I’m sitting and thinking about how some books are just as incredible in movie form as they are as [...]

Sexy or Sexist

By On Jun 18 2011, 9:00 am

An interesting thing happened yesterday. I was accused by Lexxie Couper and Vivian Arend of being a hypocrit. (In the nicest possible way of course.) Yes, I can hear you gasping in shock. Jess? A hypocrit? Never! But… I fear my accusers were right. I am a hypocrit. And here's the proof: See, it all [...]

FULL HOUSE is now available

By On Apr 12 2011, 6:21 pm

So, it's been a while coming…in fact over a year since the first book in the Three of a Kind Series released, but Full House is finally here. Are you familiar with this smoking hot poker series? If not, here are a couple of random facts: 1) The series is aptly named because it contains [...]

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