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Although he lives and writes in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, W.D. Gagliani grew up in the major port of Genova, Italy. Part of the parallel story in his novel WOLF'S EDGE (Nick Lupo #4), as published by Samhain, is based on his parents' and grandparents' experiences in World War 2 German-occupied Italy, and later surviving Allied bombing runs. A certain airplane tire scene was adapted from a youthful stunt actually pulled by his father!

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All About W.D. Gagliani

W.D. Gagliani is the author of the horror/crime thriller WOLF'S TRAP (reissued by Samhain Publishing in 2012), a past Bram Stoker Award nominee, as well as WOLF'S EDGE, and the upcoming WOLF'S CUT. The novella WOLF'S DEAL will be along in early 2014. See his website for other books in the Nick Lupo series of "North Woods Noirs."

Gagliani is also the author of many short stories published in various anthologies in the horror, dark fantasy, and thriller/crime fields. See the websites for a complete bibliography.

He has written book reviews, articles, and interviews that have been published (since 1986) in places such as THE MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, CHIZINE, CEMETERY DANCE, HORRORWORLD, PAPERBACK PARADE, OLD NICK, CINEMA RETRO, HELLNOTES, FLESH & BLOOD, BOOKPAGE, BOOKLOVERS, THE SCREAM FACTORY, HORROR MAGAZINE, SF CHRONICLE, BARE BONES, and others. He has had nonfiction and craft articles published in several high-profile books, and in October 2011 THE WRITER magazine published his article on writing (what else?) werewolf epics.

His interests include old and new progressive rock, synthesizers, weapons, history (and alternate history, secret history, and steampunk), military history, movies, book reviewing, and plain old reading and writing. He is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA), the International Thriller Writers (ITW), and the Authors Guild. He lives and writes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.

Posts from W.D.

Author Spotlight: Werewolf Odyssey – The Nick Lupo Series

By On Apr 2 2014, 8:45 am

My first novel, Bram Stoker Award finalist Wolf’s Trap (Samhain), was a crime thriller that just happened to have a werewolf as its protagonist. Having started writing it in the heady year or two after the movie “Silence of the Lambs” made its mark in the horror and thriller world, I wanted to craft a novel that upended the usual trope regarding who is more monstrous, the so-called monster or the human, retelling a sort-of origin story with echoes of Frankenstein as well as “The Wolf Man,” and playing off the ambiguous questions: protagonist and antagonist, man versus monster versus himself?

I wanted to explore, and built in, themes of various kinds of duality: most characters have dual natures, or live in dual worlds, or exhibit dual personalities, or some combination of the three. I also thought of it as a written-word example of what I’ve come to term “hick-noir” in movies and television dramas (think “Fargo,” “Blood Simple,” “Clay Pigeons,” “No Country for Old Men,” “The Bridge,” the Elmore Leonard-driven “Justified,” and the recent “True Detective,” for a sense of what I mean, though I’ve seen the more genteel term “rural noir” used, as well). Half its length is set in Wisconsin’s lush northern forests, so I dubbed its genre “North Woods Noir” to celebrate its crime fiction roots, and went on to write a mostly straight thriller, Savage Nights.

Faced with better than decent sales and a request for a sequel, I was forced to make some serious decisions. Would Nick Lupo, the Larry Talbot-inspired cop whose lycanthropy had thus far ruined his life, find himself facing a series of normal antagonists (read that: human)? Or would I bring in the proverbial kitchen sink and let out the monsters? And where would I draw the line? How wild was this world going to be?

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Thoughts of Halloween, Wood Smoke, in the Air

By On Oct 28 2013, 12:52 pm

Happy Halloween! Like most writers of the dark, Halloween is my favorite holiday and October has become my favorite month despite some strikes against it (which I won’t go into here). But I have a complex relationship with Halloween itself. Not having grown up in the US, and having always been relatively reserved by nature, [...]

Fact vs. Fiction?

By On Sep 5 2013, 9:00 am

Using your own story as background in a novel is a tricky proposition. How much to share? How accurate? What percentage should be fictionalized? How do you translate actual events to your plot? What about actual people? There are probably as many answers to each of those leading questions as there are writers seeking answers. [...]

Follow your characters…

By On Jul 15 2013, 8:21 am

You’d think a writer has complete control of his or her characters at all times. After all, we come up with the plot idea, we write the outline and synopsis. We write the character sketches. We write the scenes that make up the chapters and the various parts and, in the end, which make up [...]

The Right Music May Inspire…

By On May 23 2013, 9:21 am

Writing the fifth Nick Lupo thriller (Wolf’s Cut) found me strangely in need of a certain kind of music. Of course, everyone who’s read a Lupo books knows my musical interests because, well, they’re Lupo’s too. Lupo prefers his rock progressive because I do. Sometimes you can assume that traits exhibited by a character are [...]

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