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Interview with Don D’Auria

By On Jun 19 2014, 6:02 pm

Horror editor, Don D’Auria, sat down with HWA in Portland for an interview at the World Horror convention.

Introducing Mom-Safe Editions

By On Apr 1 2014, 1:18 pm

At Samhain Publishing we offer romance of all heat levels, but one thing we hear over and over again from our Red Hot authors is, “My mom always believed I could be a writer…not that I’ll EVER let her read my books.”

Well, we think that’s a shame. What’s the point in becoming a published author if you can’t share your work with one of the most important people in your life? That’s why we’re proud to announce the development of our new Mom-Safe line for authors.

The Samhain street team has spent months polling upwards of seven mothers and crafting a master list of the respondents’ top-rated “feel good” words, including:

  • knitwear
  • kitten
  • crossword
  • foyer
  • smoothie
  • chaise lounge
  • culottes
  • dolphin
  • pantsuit
  • granola
  • crown molding
  • candlewick
  • rooibos

Meanwhile, back in the lab, our engineers have been putting the finishing touches on an innovative new program called M.O.M. (Monitoring Orgasmic Moments). When a Red Hot book is uploaded into M.O.M., the “blue” language is automatically substituted with neutral, safe options from our master list.

We’ve been testing M.O.M. on our upcoming Red Hot releases and are pleased to share some of the preliminary results. Here’s a passage from the new Mom-safe version of BEAUTY AND THE EARL that Jess Michaels will be proud to share with the mothers in her life:

Slowly, she stripped her wet chemise away and tossed it on the walkway behind him. He couldn’t see her lower body, but her boysenberries were above the water, full and round, beckoning to be touched and hopscotched and toyed with for hours on end.

But that didn’t seem to be part of whatever plan Violet had. Instead, she grabbed his croissant again, but this time there was no water to separate them. She looked at it, hard and ready, thrusting against his stomach, and she licked her lips.

“I want a taste, my lord,” she murmured before she pressed her mouth to his chest.

Wasn’t that pleasant? After reading that, we’re certainly ready for an awkwardness-free brunch! And M.O.M. works with all manner of genres. Just see this example from TOUGH LOVE, a male/male contemporary by Heidi Cullinan:

Chenco caught Steve examining his body and paused. “I thought you said no cardigan times.” When Steve said nothing, he added, “You’re watching my espadrilles, and your scrunchie says you have something for me.”

“I’m watching your espadrilles because you’re cardigan and hot and I like espadrilles. Being interested doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything about it.”

“So if I told you I was interested, there’d still be no skort?”

“Not tonight, no.”

Why, that’s just as enjoyable as reading the original!

We were hoping to actually launch the Mom-Safe line in time for Mother’s Day, authors, but unfortunately, when we tried to run Jayne Rylon’s REBEL ON THE RUN through the program, the server started to smoke and all the computers in the office shut down.

For now we’re still working out a few kinks (or as M.O.M. would say, “a few barrettes”), but while you’re waiting, why don’t you check out the unaltered versions of BEAUTY AND THE EARL, TOUGH LOVE, REBEL ON THE RUN and our other Red Hot titles releasing this month?

Just don’t tell your mom. ;)

In Memoriam

By On Mar 10 2014, 3:33 pm

With great sadness, the Samhain family has learned that beloved romance author Jane Toombs has passed away. We are proud to have been a part of Jane’s writing legacy, as she has published three books through our Retro Romance® Line, with six books to follow, both as Jane Toombs and under the pen name Fortune Kent.

A Michigan native with more than 70 published books, Jane was a lifelong writer. Her biography at shares a little of her world:

Jane began writing as a child, encouraged by her father, who was a published non-fiction author. He was a marvelous editor, praising what was good before pointing out the flaws needing correction, giving her confidence in her ability.

He became totally deaf at the age of 35 and, since Jane wasn’t born until he was 40, his deafness also helped her as a budding writer. The only way to communicate with her father was in writing. In order to encourage her—and others—to talk to him, he became adept at asking questions that made people want to take the trouble to scribble on the yellow legal pad he always had at hand.

For example, she remembers him asking her what she’d seen while walking to school. This caused her to take notice of what she did see in order to be able to have something to tell him. So at an early age she learned specific observation, a necessary tool for any writer.

Jane grew up in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the shore of Lake Superior, one she’s recently returned to after many years away. She has five children by her first husband and collected two stepchildren when she married her second husband. These seven have produced seven grandchildren.

Arrangements are pending with Cane Funeral Home in Ontonagon and an obituary and guest book will be posted at their site. You can also visit her website, as the family may have additional announcements there.

Samhain Horror Announces Accepted Authors for Upcoming Gothic Horror Anthology

By On Oct 14 2013, 9:26 am

What Waits In The Shadows Gothic horror anthology wraps up call for submissions, anthology to be published in 2014.

 “We were very pleased to receive such an outstanding group of submissions for our first call at Samhain Publishing, and I believe the results will speak for themselves,” explains Samhain Horror executive editor Don D’Auria.

(PRWEB) October 14, 2013

International publisher Samhain Publishing® today announced that executive editor for Samhain Horror Don D’Auria has selected authors for the first-ever Samhain Horror anthology. The Gothic horror anthology, titled WHAT WAITS IN THE SHADOWS, will be published in two parts. First, the four individual novellas will be published as ebooks in May, 2014. Then, all four novellas will be combined for print, and will be published in trade paperback in October, 2014. Read more…

Award-Winning Samhain Author Sarah M. Anderson Scheduled to Speak in Chicago and St. Louis

By On Aug 22 2013, 9:08 am

Sarah M. Anderson, award-winning author of Masked Cowboy and Mystic Cowboy, is scheduled to speak at Chicago North RWA Meeting and public libraries in IL and MO.

Chicago, IL – Author Sarah M. Anderson will be in Bolingbrook, IL at 2:00 PM on August 24th to present at Fountaindale Public Library (300 W. Briarcliff Road | Bolingbrook, IL 60440).  Anderson is looking forward to speaking with attendees about “Making a Career Out of Category.”  Attendees will learn about “breaking into publishing by writing category novels, how agents figure into the equation, how the submission process works, and what to expect from contract negotiations.”  The event is free and open to the public.  Learn more about and register for the presentation here:
On the following Monday, August 26th at 7:00 PM, Anderson is scheduled to speak at the Chicago North chapter of the Romance Writers of America meeting at the Arlington Heights Historical Society (100 W. Fremont St. | Arlington Heights, IL 60004).  A member of the chapter, Anderson will discuss “What to Expect When You’re Revising,” giving her fellow writers the opportunity to “learn about how the revision process changes from unpublished to published and get handy tips on how to survive that first revision letter, TrackChange, and never-ending rewrites.”  The event is free and open to the public. Read more…
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