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Cora Cade at Spring Fling Writers Conference

By On Apr 12 2014, 12:00 am

Cora Cade will be signing books alongside a number of other authors at the Spring Fling Writers Conference in Chicago.

Hey girls…

By On Mar 27 2014, 8:11 am

I’m celebrating the release of GIRL TROUBLE with a birthday bash, so I hope you’ll enter my contest by leaving a comment! Here’s a tiny snippet from the book:

 “How did you get him to talk?”

“How do you think?”

“You did not.”

“You bet I did. His girlfriend, too. How else was I going to learn to top? They were very thorough.”

Bonita blinked, catapulted into arousal by the idea of Destiny and Johnny giving BDSM lessons to Kat. “I wish I could have been a fly on the wall that night.”

“More like that week. Now do you regret leaving town last summer?” Read more…

The Cream of the Jest

By On Mar 24 2014, 8:00 am

This week, my first release is out from Samhain! It’s Sweet Disorder, a Regency historical about a wounded officer and a poor widow who are brought together by a local election.

There’s a scene in the book where my heroine, Phoebe, is late for a dinner appointment:

Mr. Gilchrist and another man were seated close to the door, Mr. Gilchrist recounting an amusing anecdote with an air of desperation. He chuckled nervously at the funny parts to fill the silence left by his companion, who was—Phoebe’s heart sank—checking his watch.[...]“And the grocer’s lady said to the cheesemonger’s wife, ‘Nothing goes after cheese,’” Phoebe finished for Mr. Gilchrist. “I’m so sorry I’m late.”

When I was writing this scene, I knew I wanted Phoebe to deliver the punchline of Mr. Gilchrist’s joke, and I wanted the punchline to be funny in and of itself (although not necessarily the same way it would be funny in the context of the whole joke). I also wanted it to provide atmosphere, i.e. convey a genre and era of joke that would add to the Regency vibe of my book. To do that, I looked at period “jest-books.”

One of the most entertaining that I found was The Treasury of Wit from 1786, ed. H. Bennet, M.A. The preface describes it as “A COMPLETE selection of Apophthegms and Jests, arranged, for the first time, in a new and methodical manner; and calculated to please the man of fashion, and the man of science, as well as the publick in general.”

The compiler has a lot of opinions!
Read more…

In Memoriam

By On Mar 10 2014, 3:33 pm

With great sadness, the Samhain family has learned that beloved romance author Jane Toombs has passed away. We are proud to have been a part of Jane’s writing legacy, as she has published three books through our Retro Romance® Line, with six books to follow, both as Jane Toombs and under the pen name Fortune Kent.

A Michigan native with more than 70 published books, Jane was a lifelong writer. Her biography at shares a little of her world:

Jane began writing as a child, encouraged by her father, who was a published non-fiction author. He was a marvelous editor, praising what was good before pointing out the flaws needing correction, giving her confidence in her ability.

He became totally deaf at the age of 35 and, since Jane wasn’t born until he was 40, his deafness also helped her as a budding writer. The only way to communicate with her father was in writing. In order to encourage her—and others—to talk to him, he became adept at asking questions that made people want to take the trouble to scribble on the yellow legal pad he always had at hand.

For example, she remembers him asking her what she’d seen while walking to school. This caused her to take notice of what she did see in order to be able to have something to tell him. So at an early age she learned specific observation, a necessary tool for any writer.

Jane grew up in a small town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on the shore of Lake Superior, one she’s recently returned to after many years away. She has five children by her first husband and collected two stepchildren when she married her second husband. These seven have produced seven grandchildren.

Arrangements are pending with Cane Funeral Home in Ontonagon and an obituary and guest book will be posted at their site. You can also visit her website, as the family may have additional announcements there.

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